We Were Liars by E. Lockhart | Book Review

we were liars

“I love him, but I am not sure I like him.” -Cady

Much like the quote above, We Were Liars has a ton of underlying messages spread throughout the book. E. Lockhart tackles very touchy topics in this book, such as; learning how to deal and cope with loss, equality among social classes and the bonds of friendship. Before we dive in, I warn you, it’s better to read this not knowing much

Here’s a quick overview (non-spoilery):

Cady Sinclair visits her Granddad’s island, Beechwood, every summer with her mother where she gets to see her aunts, cousins and the Grandparents. As luxurious as the island is, Cady never wanted to be a Sinclair. All she wanted was to see the boy she loves, Gat. During Summer 15, Cady suffers through an accident that has left her memory a little bit foggy. It’s now Summer 17 and she’s determined to figure out what happened that summer and why she woke up in a hospital. We Were Liars focuses on The Liars (Cady, Johnny, Mirren and Gat) during Summer 17 and shows what it’s like to grow up with a wealthy family.

Let’s discuss the book shall we? Overall, I loved this book. I originally thought it would be a cutesy little contemporary read, but oh boy, it wasn’t. The foreshadowing, especially in the little fairy tale re-tellings wasΒ so well done and right before the ending I knew that they set that stupid fire. I liked some of the characters in the book, mostly I liked the kids and the aunts and Granddad pissed me off so much. Although, I feel as if they were written that way to show the pressure that Carrie, Bess, and Penny were under trying to impress Granddad. Yet, Granddad has no reason to be such a jerk (in my opinion). Your daughters shouldn’t have to impress you and you’re making your grandchildren uncomfortable to be around you. He’s also racist toward Carrie’s boyfriend and his son, Gat. You could say ‘Oh, his wife died, he’s going through a tough time blah blah’ and while that is true,Β  I think that should give you an excuse to take better care of your family.

I’m going to cut to the ending/twist of the book but if there is more you would like to discuss, please, leave a comment! Right before everyone started explaining about the fire I knew that the Liars had set that fire but what I wasn’t expecting is for the other three liars to die. I cried when we learned they were ghosts/hallucinations because I had started to get attached to them, especially Johnny. I don’t get why the adults didn’t just tell Cady what happened instead of letting her talk to people that aren’t even there for four weeks. Johnny’s death was particularly hard for me because he was one of the few characters I could relate to a lot, he was so adorable and awkward. Okay. What kind of idea is it to have the Liars set EACH FLOOR on fire? Of course it’s going to burn fast and yeah, people are going to get hurt from a fire like that. I guess they were a little drunk so they couldn’t think straight but, come on.


This is also my first post! Sorry if it isn’t the best! πŸ™‚ -Kenzie


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