Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi | Book Review


Shatter Me was an interesting read for me. Overall, I highly enjoyed the plot line and (most of) the characters. Although, I found that I didn’t really get into the book until I was about 120 pages in. I did have one main issue with the book, and unfortunately, it was a rather large one. The writing style of the book really annoyed me at first, although I grew used to it. The book is written almost like a journal from Juliette’s point of view. The author uses techniques like repetition and crossing out words/phrases. I also noticed how there was an immense amount of description. Usually, I love description in a book, the more the better, right? Yet, I would say Shatter Me uses almost too much. When The author uses metaphors in her writing, I often found it hard to tell what was actually happening, especially when she used metaphors of Juliette bleeding or something.

Here’s a quick overview: We start out with 17 year old Juliette, who is locked away because she has an ability, and a deadly one at that. She can’t touch anyone, let alone have anyone touch her, without out them going through a painful death. For as long as Juliette can remember she’s loved this boy, Adam. One day she gets a roommate in her cell and surprise! It’s Adam. Juliette and Adam then get taken out of jail and taken into the Reestablishment where Adam is a guard and Juliette is a pawn for the leader, Warner. Throughout the story we see Juliette learn to cope with her ability and her struggles of being on the run from the Reestablishment.

Honestly, I found Juliette and Adam’s relationship a bit uncomfortable because it was a bit too insta-love for me. I much prefer Warner over Adam, even if he can be, well… a little evil at times. A lot of the characters were a little annoying at times, especially Adam and Juliette with their whole lovey-dovey thing. However, I do really like Kenji and James because they’re both really funny! I love how snarky Kenji is and James is adorable. I’m a bit unsure whether or not I’m continuing on with this series, but I think I will be. If you guys have read Unravel Me and Ignite Me, what did you think of them? Did they get better?


Thanks! -Kenzie


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