The Bookshop Phenomenon!


We all know that this happens. We (as book lovers) walk into a bookshop, expecting to come out with only a few books. However, we always manage to leave with way more, and I mean way more, books then we planned for. So, I thought this would be a fun thing to post, although it’s quite different from anything I’ve posted before so let’s dive into the Bookshop Phenomenon.

Imagine this, you’ve entered your favorite bookstore, planning to pick up the hot new YA release, but yet you end up walking out of the shop, your arms full of books. Why is this? Are we just unable to control ourselves?

First of all, we’ve all got those impulse buys, those books where a pretty cover basically make us buy it. You know absolutely nothing about the book except for the brief synopsis on the back and you just hope that it turns out good. Our secondary impulse buys are your favorite authors, no matter what it’s about, we’ll buy it. Unfortunately, it’s not good for our poor wallets.

Now, if we close our book and haul our selves down to a bookshop for one certain title, you can be damn sure we’re going to buy that book. Then… you’ll spot that other novel you’ve been wanting to buy for the last month, what’s one more book going to do? Right? Wrong. We pretty much end up repeating this process over and over.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I shop online, I find that I’m able to restrict myself; not buy a million books all at once. Although, bookshops just seem so offering, all those wonderful stories just waiting to be read, the smell of new/old books, maybe there’s even a little coffee place across the street, so I tend to go a little crazy.

Now, for all those husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriends/friends/partners who take us to the neighborhood Barnes & Noble (or where ever you shop,) hopefully you can begin to understand why we tend to leave with so many books. Just remember, we love you for it.

What are your thoughts on the Bookshop Phenomenon? Do you ever feel the power of the bookshop? Please share, I’d love to know your ideas/thoughts! -Kenzie


One thought on “The Bookshop Phenomenon!

  1. There have been times where I have literally forbidden myself from going in books stores because I was buying an obscene number of books every time I walked in. Online doesn’t really help me spend less because there are so many good deals online and before you know it your virtual shopping cart is bursting.
    Does this stop me from going into bookshops or doing online shopping though? No, definitely not. Books will be the demise of my bank account.

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