Creatures of the Night | Book Tag

CotNHappy Halloween everyone! To celebrate, and to spread all those Halloween-y vibes, let’s do a book tag. I’m going to be doing the Creatures of the Night Tag, which was originally created by Katytastic over on youtube. In this tag we have a list of nine (I left out alien) different supernatural creatures and I’m going to tell you which book I recommend for that creature, so let’s get started.


Vampires are some of my favorite supernatural creatures because I think they have such an interesting folklore to them. Surprisingly, I have not actually read Twilight so I can’t say much about that. Although I always will enjoys the vampires from Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter chronicles, especially Simon.


I’ve actually read very few books about a werewolf but I do love Remus Lupin from Harry Potter, and he’s a werewolf. Honestly, it seems like being a werewolf would be the worst creature because you just live a normal life and turn into a giant, scary dog once a month.


Much like the werewolf, I don’t believe I’ve ever read a zombie book (if you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!) Although, the Walking Dead is a pretty good show; please no spoilers!


Every Halloween I dig up an old picture book called The Ghost’s Dinner. Basically, a bunch of ghosts all like to gather together during Halloween and have a little feast, however they tend to turn the color of whatever they ate! It’s super cute and it’s a little tradition for me.


*Slowly slides Harry Potter towards you* I’ve always loved this series and probably always will. It’s a lot fun and the magic system isn’t too complicated so it’s great for younger and older readers. I also grew up with Harry so these books will hold a special place in my heart forever.


Unfortunately, I haven’t read a lot of books with fairies in them. (I’m noticing a pattern here…) I know that the Shadowhunter chronicles have Fae sprinkled throughout the series but I could honestly say Clare’s novels for all of these topics, so I’m trying not to. I have heard that there’s Fae later in the Throne of Glass series, which I’ve just started.


If you want some kickass demons that seem almost realistic, just pick up any Cassandra Clare book. I love the demons that the shadowhunters have to fight because there’s such a wide variety of them and it’s interesting to read how the characters handle different situations. Some of my favorites are the clockwork creatures, Abbadon and Eidolon.


For this creature I’m going to have to go with Angelfall by Susan Ee. I actually didn’t particularly like this book, in fact I never finished it. However, I did really enjoy reading about Raffe’s character and his back story about the angels and the angel revolution where they’re the bad ones.


I absolutely adore book where there is a normal kid who can do some seriously awesome stuff. My favorite has to be The Darkest Minds trilogy by Alexandra Bracken because the powers that all the children have are super fascinating to read about. It’s also interesting how the powers are associated with certain colors, which gives the reader something to really help identify what’s going on in the story. Also, I’m super excited to go out and pick up In the Afterlight this weekend and get to reading that!

So, that’s the Creatures of the Night Book Tag! I’m not going to be tagging anyone specifically, although if you want to do this tag, go right ahead! I hope that everyone has a great Halloween and good luck if you’re participating in NaNoWriMo next month.

-Kenzie ๐Ÿ™‚


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