Reading Slumps | Mini-Discussion

Reading SlumpsWe’ve all been in this position. You’re reading a great book, let’s say it’s part of a series and the next one won’t come out for 9+ months. Before you know it, your book ends and you’re sitting there in disbelief at that cliffhanger the author just dropped. What do you do? Re-read a few chapters? Pick up a new book?

You decide to pick up a new book, it’s not healthy to get this hungover on a book. The funny thing is, this book just doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been dying to read it forever or if it’s been gathering dust on your TBR shelf, something about it is seems wrong. Before you know it, you’ve repeated this process 3-4 times and you’ve entered the dreaded reading slump.

Reading slumps suck. Unfortunately, there’s no nice way to put it. There’s no way to tell when they’ll happen and it can be quite a challenge to pull yourself out of one. Perhaps you’ve got something coming up soon that’s pushed your reading away. Maybe you just haven’t felt like it, which sounds like the stupidest reason ever but it’s inevitable. Personally, I find that life gets in the way. I’m no fan of blaming people/things (unless it’s my brother) but I’ve got to push the blame on school. As I’m writing this post, my finals (midterms, ect.) start tomorrow and I’m stressing out some which causes me not to read. In turn, that causes me to post less here and I highly doubt you guys want to see a review on my chemistry textbook.

As readers, especially as book bloggers, we all feel the pain of not being able to participate in our favorite activity, and our commitment to our blogs can painfully deteriorate. I’m sure many bloggers will agree that I miss posting when I’ve fallen into a slump and I want to start reading and posting again, but it’s so difficult. Why is it so difficult to get out of a slump like this? As people, we push our selves to do things we don’t want to do everyday so why can’t we do something we love?

How do we get out of the slump? There’s many different methods that people have proposed and I might even need to try some of these for myself!

  1. Remember why you read- Sometimes, the pressure of finishing a book so we can get a review up, trying to obtain an ARC, or even having so many books on your TBR it makes you want to cry can be too much for us. Calm yourself down and remind yourself why you love to read and take it slow.
  2. Change your genre- Maybe you’re not in a reading slump, but you might be in genre slump. Try mixing it up and pick up a book you wouldn’t normally read. For example, I read a lot of YA and I love it, but I think I might need a good mystery/adult/romance novel.
  3. Step back- No one is going to judge you for taking a break because if that’s what you need right now, that’s what you need! You know what you want better then anyone else here so just listen to yourself and take a break if necessary.
  4. Watch some TV- TV is a great way to distract yourself and to do something else than read, so find a good show and make some snacks (no, seriously make snacks. It makes it 100% better.) I recommend a nice drama just because DRAMA! Grey’s Anatomy is a great one and if you need a nice long break, you’ve got 11 seasons to catch up on.
  5. Change your medium- Switch it up! If you’re a physical book reader, try an e-book or listen to an audio book while making those morning errands. Switching the medium can give your slump the change it needs to go away.
  6. Set goals- Make them small at first, you don’t want to start feeling overwhelmed and dig your grave even deeper. Start with around 20 pages a day and if that goes well, slowly increase that number until you find yourself not struggling to meet that goal anymore.Congrats! You’ve read your way out of reading slump.
  7. Re-read a favorite book- Let’s say you’re really stuck. Instead of picking up a new book that you don’t know if you’ll love or not, read a book that you know you’ll love. Getting involved in reading; loving the characters, the story and the possible romance is a great way to re-kindle your love for reading.

One thought on “Reading Slumps | Mini-Discussion

  1. Some great ways to get out of a slump – I just suffered from a reading slump that lasted 5 months! I tried many things but in the end it was a book being released that I had been waiting for being published – I read it in a day and haven'[t looked back. But I might keep this list handy for the next slump (which hopefully I can avoid!)

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