Things I like/dislike in Romance Novels | Top Ten Tuesday

TTTbannerTop Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovely The Broke and the Bookish. This weeks topic is the top ten things that you like/dislike in romance novels. I’ve decided to split this category so I’ll have five likes and five dislikes.

  • LikeA couple who knows each other- We often see so many people get in a relationship when the two people know almost nothing about each other. If there’s a romance where the characters know each other (and themselves!) well enough to be sarcastic and funny with one another, I love it.
  • Slow-burn romance- I love these because we spend so much time getting to know the characters and we watch them slowly grow feelings for each other and then we’ll FINALLY get that moment where they get together/kiss, or whatever, and it’s beautiful.
  • Hate-to-love relationships- These are usually super funny to read, and I LOVE watching the characters understand their own feelings when we knew it all along.
  • Banter- Who doesn’t love a nice, friendly banter between two love interests? It’s especially perfect when the two characters think they hate each other, but they really don’t. πŸ˜‰
  • Geek romances- Being a geek, I love it when the adorable geek couple works out and the jock doesn’t always win. Hey, us book loving-music geeks deserve to win every once and a while, right?
  • Like(1)Abusive relationships- If there is ever a relationship where one person has more power than the other and uses that power for their own good, I will likely stop reading the book. Abuse, in any form, whether it’s physical or emotional, is not okay and I don’t think it should be present in young readers literature. You’ll hear more about this in my upcoming book review.
  • Love triangles- This will be a pretty popular dislike, and like many other readers I don’t dislike every love triangle but they do get annoying. Every once and a while I believe they add an extra layer of intrigue to a story, but a lot of the times it seems like authors use them to create a secondary storyline. They’re annoying because if the guy you like doesn’t win, it’s pretty heart breaking.
  • Instalove- I understand how you can find somebody attractive when you first meet them, but saying that you love them after talking once seems fast to me. I don’t know about you guys, but the whole “girl needs saving, cute boy saves her and she instantly falls in love” scene is getting pretty old.
  • Helpless Heroines- You don’t always need saving! There is other ways to meet people in this world! Stand up for yourself! Okay, seriously, I love a strong heroine who doesn’t need a boyfriend/girlfriend to seem alive. If they always need help and can’t deal with their own problems, it gets boring.
  • Cheating- There’s not much explaining for this one, is there?

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