Sunday Funday [4]

Sunday FundaySunday Funday is a weekly-ish post hosted by Girl in the Pages that allows us bloggers to recap our week, whether it be about books or about not so book-ish things.

BookishReading has been okay this week. I finally finished When and you can see my review here, but now I’m reading The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black. I’ve been enjoying it so far, but I find I can’t just sit down and read for a few hours straight lately. I’ve also recently picked up Flowers for Algernon for my language arts class and I’m not even 100 pages in but it’s going to make me cry. I can sense it.

flowers for algernon

My blogging was also good this week! I got my review up, participated in my first Friday Finds which was super fun and I put up my own Valentine’s Day special which you all loved, hooray! I loved seeing everybody’s posts about their OTPs and favorite fictional crushes, they were a lot of fun so thank you!

LifeLife is pretty chill now, I’ve got Monday and Tuesday off of school, although those pesky teachers loooooove to assign homework. In these next few weeks, musical practice gets crazy (I’m in the pit orchestra for Thoroughly Modern Millie), but I would actually expect more posts, especially book reviews and mini-discussions because my part isn’t all that good so I don’t have anything better to do but read.

I hope everyone had a wonderful last week and a lovely (okay, I’ll stop with the bad puns) Valentine’s Day. With that being said, I hope next week is just a good, or better if you had a down week. PS. I (also) hope your 2015 reading goals are going well! I know I’m already a book or two behind on Goodreads…



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