Summer Reading Goals

tumblr_inline_mlvdveHV4g1qz4rgpThis is me right now, because I’ve finally finished exams and I’m now officially on my summer break! I’m so sorry for the lack of posts lately, but because of finals and the end of the school year, I honestly didn’t want to worry about my blog too. However, summer holds a lot of promise for reading/blogging!

Here are some of my summer goals:

  1. Get caught up- I will forever be almost 10 books behind on my Goodreads challenge, but this summer I want to change that! I got so behind during my several month long reading slump a few months back and now I have plenty of free time to try and catch up.
  2. Organize- Books are everywhere in my room, crammed on my shelf, on the floor near my shelf, on the floor not near my shelf, ect. It’s a disaster. So, this summer I want to do a massive bookshelf organization by taking EVERYTHING off my shelves and organizing it. It will be a long project but I hope to actually make a post on my process, which should be fun.

Quite honestly, I’m just excited to be out of school and wanted you guys to know that things should be picking up again very soon. Also, let me know if you have any great summer plans, whether it’s reading, traveling, or chillin’ at home, I’d love to know what everyone has been up to!



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