Infernal Devices Manga by Cassandra Clare and Hyekyung Baek | Book Review

infernal devicesRecently, I picked up the manga of the Infernal Devices trilogy because (as many of you probably know by this point), I’m in love with this series. Now, I’m in love with this manga. They were such great adaptations of the books. I wasn’t too sure what I was expecting and I had no idea how faithful to the story these would be and I was pleasantly surprised! Even many of the iconic lines from the books are in the manga, although not all of them.


Even from the very beginning of Clockwork Angel, I knew that these were going to be good adaptations because they started out exactly the same, with the prologue of Will and Jem finding the body of the girl, then switching to Tessa on the way to London. All three volumes hit the major plot points of the novels and you could definitely read these without reading the books first and not be confused.

tid-manga-chapt-two-14The artwork is beautiful and the artist did a wonderful job of portraying the character’s personalities through the artwork. Just look at how graceful Jem looks while playing the violin! I flew through these because of quick and witty they are and I honestly just loved these.

One of my favorite lines.

The only things I was disappointed by in these was the way that Henry was drawn. He’s drawn in a more cartoon-ish way with a very dazed and stupid expression. Now I know that’s kind of Henry’s character but I this mad me upset because he’s still one of my favorite characters and I would’ve liked to seen him be drawn like the artist drew Will or Jem.

Overall, whether you’re a fan of the seires, manga, neither or both (like me!), I highly recommend this manga series because they were so much fun and you can fly through them! They’re wonderful for catching up on reading goals and a fun read.


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