Writing As A Reader | Mini-Discussion

writing as a reader

Today we’re going to talk about something a little different for this blog, writing. As readers, I’ve noticed most of us would love to have a published book and I’m a part of that crowd. I would love to be an author, even when I was little I knew that I wanted to eventually publish a novel. Part of my 2015 goals was to expand on my blog by having you guys get to know me better, so I figured talking about another side of my reading self would be good.

Now, while I would still like to write a book, my expectations are a little more realistic. I have no intentions in majoring in English literature or anything like that, if you’re curious (I’m not here yet, but anyways) I plan on getting my associate of science in chemistry then majoring in some chemistry and going on into optometry. The point is, it’s still my dream to be an author.

What really inspired me to make this post is this story (book?) that I’ve currently been working on for the last few months. The thing is, when I get an idea my initial writing is complete word vomit. I’m still working on the first draft and I have a plotline idea but it’s pretty subject to change at this point. It doesn’t have a title or anything, but I’m currently at 11,422 words. This is such an accomplishment for me as I’ve never stuck with a story long enough to reach even 10,000 words!

After sticking with a story for this long, the words that sum up my writing experience would have to be: “Oh my god, writing is hard. How do people write 80,000 word stories?” However, I do really love this draft that I’ve got going and my goal is to reach the NaNoWriMo goal of 50,000 words.

Reading gives me so much inspiration as a writer and I love how I can see how much my writing skills have improved just by reading more and soaking up more ideas and/or writing styles. Now, I don’t want to share too much from this story that I’m working on, but I would like to share some of my favorite parts so far, here’s the first paragraph of the story:

My childhood was why I left. In my younger years, I would spend the day trying on new dresses and spinning around the grand ballroom, leaving all my responsibilities behind me. Sometimes my father would join me, he would get dressed up in his tux with the red sash of royalty and spin me around the elaborately designed room like a madman. My mother did not approve of this.

My favorite feeling is when I’m writing and a scene flows so naturally that I get some writing whether it’s paragraphs, chapters or one sentence that I love. Here’s some of my favorite little snippets like that:

I nearly fell out of the bed I jumped away from him so fast. “You scared the living daylight out of me!”

He looked hurt again, “It wasn’t my fault! I’ve been yelling at you to get up for five minutes now, I thought you dead!”

My poor main character oversleeps all the time. It’s such a random little tidbit but I love writing scenes where she’s panicking because she overslept then she’s too tired to function for the first few hours after she wakes up.

Puzzled, I scanned the area around me but still couldn’t find him until I heard a voice above me, “Faylinn, catch.” He said, releasing a large book down towards my head.

My first instinct was to duck or run away, but for some reason I trusted this odd silver haired boy not to crush me with a giant book.

Now, a super quick question for any of my readers who happen to speak Russian. I used Google translate for this, but I would like to make sure it’s correct.

She smiled faintly as if she was recalling a fond memory, “Nashi voiny borot’sya, kak solntse.” She whispered, “Our warriors fight like the sun.”

Do any of you enjoy writing or share the dream of having a published book? What writing tips do you have? What’s your favorite and least favorite part about writing? Let me know, I’m always open to discuss writing!


3 thoughts on “Writing As A Reader | Mini-Discussion

      1. I also had trouble getting past a certain point because I found over thinking and over planning for in the way. When I decided to treat my story like a fanfic for my world it flowed out effortlessly and was completed in two months time.

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