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queen of shadows

She was fire, and light, and ash, and embers. She was Aelin Fireheart, and she bowed for no one and nothing, save the crown that was hers by blood and survival and triumph.


So, hello and welcome to Book Talk. If you haven’t read Queen of Shadows yet I’d recommend coming back once you’ve finished because this is just going to be full of spoilers and trust me, you don’t want to be spoiled for this book. If you haven’t even read this series, definitely read all four, then come back because you will be very confused if you don’t.

They’re so good, especially if you love fantasy and kickass characters.


Guys, I can’t handle SJM right now. I was blown away by this book! Queen of Shadows is such a good installment in the series, I might like HoF a little more, but I still loved this! Let’s start out by talking about all of the amazing characters. Of course, we’ve got our original gang but Maas introduced new characters that I’m totally in love with. *cough* Lysandra! *cough*

…And then the past three days, of organizing and healing and Lysandra scaring the living shit out of everyone by shifting into a ghost leopard anytime one of Dorian’s courtiers stepped out of line.

I LOVE HER SO MUCH. I’m also immensely glad I read The Assassin’s Blade before this because it made Lysandra’s development so much more meaningful. I tossed her aside as a vapid shallow girl when she’s really this amazing character and friend. Aelin was in need of a true friend (not a friend *wink* (we’ll get to this)) and I loved reading her and Lysandra’s friendship. She’s so caring for Evangeline too, it warms my heart. I can’t wait to see more of her in the next two books. Plus, she killed Arobynn, so you go girl!

There were many, many debts to be paid before she left Rifthold and took back her throne. Starting now. Fortunate that she was in a killing sort of mood.

My love for Aelin will never die. She truly grew into her position as a Queen, and still did it while being her snarky, proper, kickass, amazing normal self. You would think that someone under the amount of pressure she is would lose themselves, but Aelin didn’t and I’m so excited to see fulfill her rightful heir to the throne with her court. I hope her and Dorian stay on good terms and there will be some sort of rivalry with Terrasen and Adarlan. NOW. Aelin and Rowan, I’m not too sure how I feel about this. I love Aelin and I love Rowan, but together? We’ll see. They do work quite well together and I do think they’re the best match for each other but they’re both very stubborn characters and I wonder how that will play out.

I do adore their banter and it got quite a few chuckles out of me. So, I’m pretty sure I like this, but there’s a little part of that’s sad about Chaol.

“Don’t forget your cloak. You’d feel rather guilty when all those poor mortal women combust at the sight of you.”

“I’d say likewise, but I think you’d enjoy seeing men burst into flames as you strutted by.”

She winked at him, and his chuckle echoed through her bones and blood.

Chaol was being such an insufferable brat in this book, I couldn’t stand him! I miss the old Chaol, the Chaol that I swooned over in Throne of Glass. However, I was glad to see that he seemed to be resurfacing near the end and I’m glad he found happiness with Nesryn. I like her character and she’s a good fit for Chaol! She’ll be an interesting addition for the next few novels.

DORIAN, MY POOR BABY DORIAN. He went through so much pain and suffering, every Dorian chapter had me tearing up a bit. I’m unbelievably glad we got him back and that the King is dead, although the ending brought up some new questions.  Is the King good, or is he bad? Will the Valg return?

Sarah J. Maas and her shipping, I never even considered Manon with Dorian (or anyone for that matter) but I think I like where this is going. Especially since Asterin brought up how love feels at then end and Manon flew back in with Abraxos, it’s all very sweet. Manon definitely grew on me even more during this book. SJM has a knack for switching perspectives at the perfect moment where I’d get annoyed that it was another Manon chapter, but then at the end I’d be annoyed we went back to Aelin! She’s such a cool character and the whole storyline with the witches, the breeding of the Yellowlegs, and the fact that Valg and Fae mated to make witches. That’s super cool mythology. PLUS ASTERIN’S STORY BROKE MY HEART.

Abraxos sucked in a great breath, tucked his wings in tight and fell off the side of the post.

He liked to do that- just tumble off as though he’d been stuck dead.

Her wyvern, it seemed, had a wicked sense of humor.

Is it weird if I say Abraxos is actually one of my favorite characters? He’s not even and actual character per say, but he’s got such a funny personality and I love reading how he switches from being a big scary dragon to sniffing wild flowers and being a picky eater.

I will always imagine Abraxos as similar to Toothless
I will always imagine Abraxos as similar to Toothless

Clearly, this novel was very character driven, but I actually thoroughly enjoyed that aspect! We went through a lot of character changes and it was wonderful for each character to be individually developed and have their own personality. Obviously there was plenty of action and beautifully written fight/action scenes but the thing that sticks out to me in this series is the characters!

Some of favorite scenes were when Manon and Aelin met (been looking forwards to that scene since HoF!), THE SAM MOMENTS, Aelin just being totally awesome, her teasing with Rowan, and when Aelin had her first encounter with Lorcan.

He studied the warehouse door. “I wouldn’t put it past Lorcan to return the favor you dealt him tonight. He forgets and forgives even less easily than you do. Especially when someone threatens to cut off his manhood.”

“At least I said it would be a big mistake,” she said with a fiendish grin. “I was tempted to say ‘little.'”

Rowan laughed, his eye dancing. “Then you definitely would have been dead.”

Can we also talk about how beautiful Sarah J. Maas’s writing style is? It’s so elegant and it flows so naturally. I love reading anything she writes because just soaking up the words is enough for me, but then she also has an amazing cast of characters and wonderfully complex and intriguing plot lines. I had forgotten how much I love this series!

I read this on my Nook and I’ve never had as many annotations, highlights and bookmarks as I did for this book and there’s so much that happened in this novel that if I talked about everything I want to, this would be 3000 words long. So, if you’ve read the book let’s discuss!



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