The Appeal of Evil by Pembroke Sinclair | Book Review

the appeal of evil(1)

The day looked so normal- like the world wasn’t full of demons and boys who couldn’t keep promises. Might as well get the day over with.

The Appeal of Evil has an interesting and unique plot, it boils down to the age old debate of Good vs. Evil, but in this twist Katie, our main character, is more drawn to the evil side (very appropriate title, congrats!). I have very mixed feelings on this book. The beginning is very rough and you definitely have to push through it a little bit, but by the end I was pretty hooked on this story!

The writing style is very simple and flows easily, so it’s a quick read. The novel is written in third person but I believe it would’ve been better if it was in first person, through Katie’s eyes. A good portion of the book is paragraphs of Katie’s internal thoughts and her questioning herself, which grew repetitive and annoying, plus it would’ve made more sense if the story was told in first person.

Katie herself is a senior in high school, but she certainly didn’t feel like it. She’s incredibly whinny and indecisive, she pushes away people who just want to help her, refuses to listen to anyone (even when she asks them for advice), and overall immature. Part of the reason why I didn’t fully enjoy this book is I never felt a connection to any of the characters, especially Katie.

There are of course, the Good and Evil boys, Wes and Josh. I do like Wes a little more than Josh, but I agree with Katie, he should be more open with her if he wants to actually protect her. To be honest, I like Wes’s job better too, I would love to know more about Praesuls and what they actually do. Now, Josh I didn’t particularly like. I found him over bearing and too cocky, but not in the good way.

The romance/love triangle also felt awkward at times. I loved that Wes and Katie have a history and that plays into how she feels about him now, but Josh and Katie’s romance was way too instalove for me. He’s the hottest guy in school? I love him already, although I’ve never spoken a word to him. It just felt very unnatural to me and I think it could’ve been approached in a better manner.

One thing that I truly did love and appreciate in this novel was parents. In a YA novel, parents typically just disappear and don’t seem to worry if their kids are off battling demons or what not. Both Katie’s mom and Randy (Wes’s dad) care so much for their children and actually worry when their kid is missing for a few days or so. It was very refreshing to read!

Overall, this book has a very rocky start and some not as fleshed out characters, but it was a quick and fun read and I would recommend it if you love paranormal romance books!



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