My Dream Literary Collection

I was contacted by Invaluable, an auction house, to take a look around their antique books and put together a list of my dream literary collection. As someone who owns no special editions of books because I’m afraid I would break them, I was amazed at this website! They offer so many different books to bid on from poems, children’s books, to manuscripts.

AesopLOT 4192A: Aesop’s Fables, Signed by Arthur Rackham

These look gorgeous! This edition has beautiful illustrations to go along with the fables, and they pull the whole book together. I loved these fables when I was a pre-teen and I’ve even critically studied some of them in the last few years, The Fox and the Crow for example. There’s still many of these fables that I haven’t read and could you imagine reading through them in this beautiful old edition of the book?

LOT 5: 1963 “The Wizard of Oz” Hardcover Book by L. Frank Baumoz

While perusing the site, I found that my favorites all were children’s books. I do hold the books I read as a child very close to my heart because they are what grew my love for reading. One of those children’s books was Wizard of Oz! I recently got a new copy of this because my old one fell apart, but I would love to have one of the original editions one my shelf! Plus, this has cute pictures in it too of certain scenes, like when Dorothy meets the Tin Man. The Wizard of Oz will always be special to me and I still remember reading it for the first time and the shock I felt when Oz was revealed.

cook bookLOT 1118: 1950 1st Edition Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book

This one might seem a little odd. A cook book, really? I would actually get this one for my mother as a gift because she loves to cook and she’s the one who actually taught me how to cook! My family knows my love for books (they all get fun books for gifts. For example, I got my dad a history about Stark Trek book that was shaped like the Enterprise for Christmas last year) and I think my mom would really love this. I’m also very interested to see the differences between recipes from 1950 and now. I wonder how things have changed!

LOT 385: 1951 “The Story of Peter Pan” Hardcover Book W/ Dust Jacketpeter pan

Retold from Sir J.M. Barrie’s Fairy Play by Daniel O’Connor w/ 20 Pictures by Alice B Woodward.

I love Peter Pan and it still plays into my life today! I read the story over and over as a kid and wanted to go to Neverland so bad! I’ve also seen all of the Tinker Bell and Peter Pan movies along with a Peter Pan play (which was adorable). And while my love for this book is strong, I don’t actually own a copy of the story! It would be so wonderful to have one of the original copies from 1951 (along with illustrations, you all know I love pictures in a children’s book.)

Thank you for reaching out to me, Invaluable! I loved looking at all of the beautiful old books you offer. If you would love to browse some wonderful collectible books, do make sure to check out what Invaluable offers!


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