Dealing With Devils by Pembroke Sinclair | Book Review

dealing with devils

She wasn’t suppose to chose evil. It went against  everything society was taught. Yet what they were told about evil wasn’t reality. The lines between light and dark weren’t as clear-cut as they made it seem.

I went into Dealing With Devils expecting it to be like the prequel, The Appeal of Evil. However, I found that I enjoyed this installment much better than the first novel. In this book we find more about the world that Sinclair has set up and it’s focused more on the aspects of demons and Hell, instead of the romance, which I appreciate.

Speaking of the romance, I’m confused by something. Why is every single guy in the novel that Katie meets attracted to her? There’s Wes, Josh, Braden, Andrew and even that guitar player, Mike. I just don’t get it because Katie doesn’t really have a very distinct personality. Sure, her character does develop in this novel and we start to understand her intentions more but she doesn’t stand out much as a character to me. I also still had difficulties relating to Katie in this book, even though we do get more of her own insights and not just what Josh/Wes tell her to do.

These novels honestly read super fast. I find them a little slow in the beginning, but once I got around 50 pages in, I flew through this book. The writing and the story flow easily and create a nice, quick read. Although, much like in The Appeal of Evil the writing style confuses me. It’s written in third person and yet we have blocks of Katie’s internal thoughts and lines that seem like first person, even when their not. I just believe that this series could benefit from being in first person instead of third person.

I think it’s really cool how Katie isn’t your stereotypical protagonist. She’s not a good character who wants to save the world, she’s not necessarily the strongest person (both physically and mentally) and she’s drawn to the evil side. This creates an interesting novel because it’s definitely different then what I’m used to reading. I just wished we saw more of why Katie makes some of the decisions that she does.

I definitely did not expect that twist that was near the end. I was thinking more along the lines of ‘Maybe Lucifer is her dad?’ so when it’s revealed who Katie actually is I was surprised. I hope the final book really dives into Katie’s whole situation and I’m interested to see how everything plays out in the end.



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