Good Intentions by Pembroke Sinclair | Book Review

good intentions

“The point is that the world of demons and angels isn’t black and white. Angels can fall, and demons can show compassion. It’s complicated, and everyone had their place. And that balance can upset.”

After finishing this book and the series, I’m very conflicted. This is definitely an improvement from the first two books, however… there still are several aspects about that bothered me. Some of the characters and the plot for example. Especially the plot because I noticed several ‘plot holes’ in Sinclair’s mythology that really bothered me.

As a final book in the series, this felt quite lackluster. Not a whole lot happens and there’s just a lot of talking. I appreciate the action in the end, but it seems to abrupt. I understand the mythology, but the way that Lucifer just handed Katie back the things he took from her seemed odd. It’s like the entire book someone was blowing up a balloon as the anticipation for the ending, but instead of tying it off at the end, they just released all the air.

In all three books, I still cannot connect to Katie as a character. Sinclair spends two whole books showing us why Katie chose the bad side and in the almost beginning, Katie flips back to the good side. This bugged me, because as a mentioned in my Dealing with Devils review, I liked how Katie was a more unique protagonist by fighting for the bad side, and yet in this novel she fights for the good side.

In the first book, Katie consistently doubting herself and the writing style in full of paragraphs of Katie’s self doubt and questions. In the second one, those aren’t quite as common because Katie starts to accept herself, and yet in Good Intentions those are back. The writing style combined with the self doubt from Katie made this book feel longer than it was for me.

Speaking of the characters, almost none of the characters felt like themselves in this installment, expect for a few like Braden and Wes. Katie, Deb, her Mom and especially Josh felt like new characters. Josh lost his cocky over protectiveness (which I actually liked) and instead Braden was the cocky one. Josh turned into kind of a feeble character and spent the entire book worrying, which made his sudden twist at the end not tat surprising. If Josh stayed like how he was in The Appeal of Evil I think the twist would’ve been more shocking.

Overall, this book is a nice installment in the series, although it didn’t feel like a true conclusion. All three books are quick and easy reads and I definitely recommend them if you like a fun Paranormal Romance. These weren’t necessarily my favorite books, but overall, I did enjoy reading them.



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