Tropes That I Wished Stopped | Top Ten Tuesday

10(1)Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely The Broke and the Bookish.This week I’m choosing ten tropes that I would like to stop reading about. Disclaimer, by no means do I dislike a book if it has one of these tropes because it’s hard to avoid them all, these are just the ones that I see a lot and are sick of.

  1. “I let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding.”- I’m going to ruin your reading life right now, and I’m sorry. I hate this saying because it just doesn’t make sense! Here’s the thing though, I never noticed it until it was pointed out to me and now every single time you read this line, it’ll be so obvious and annoying. I’M SORRY.
  2. Poorly written love triangles- Honestly, I don’t mind the occasional love triangle, but when they take over the story or it’s so obvious who (typically the girl) is going to pick, they’re annoying. I just want my babies to happy, okay?
  3. Insta-love- I hope most of us can agree on this one. Insta-love is the worst and it doesn’t add very much to the story. People don’t just fall in love with someone based purely on their looks or that one sentence they said to you. Give me that agonizing slow burn romance please.
  4. Damsel In Distress- Us ladies are tough and we don’t always need a man to save us. I’m sick of reading of the hopeless female protagonist who can’t do anything to save herself. I love it when the main character isn’t a damsel in distress, it gives a lead to a less predictable plot. (PS. I’m looking at you Bella Swan)
  5. Falling for the bad boy- Sure, fall in love with the guy who is a complete and utter jerk 80% of the time. That makes complete sense. Why can’t the cute nerdy guy ever get the girl?
  6. Predictable fantasy plots- I read a lot of fantasy, and there is a very basic fantasy plot line that almost every book in the genre follows. There’s a hero, hero goes on quest. That’s the core basic of any story, and yet many books don’t stray too far away from the same old plot and after reading so many of them, things start to get awfully predictable.
  7. Overly complicated names- This one is a little different, but I should be able to pronounce your character’s name without too many issues! For example, if you have a contemporary novel don’t name your character something like Daenerys, but it you have a fantasy novel, do get creative! However, if your going to go “George R. R. Martin” route, please, I beg of you, provide a pronunciation chart.
  8. Characters thrust into a new world- Not every character has to be put into this strange new world where they know absolutely nothing. While it helps the reader understand the new world as well, it can get confusing and repetitive. I’d like a book with a demigod who knew they were one and grew up training and such, that would be SO COOL!
  9. Talking animals- I know, this is weird but it’s more of personal thing for me. Talking animals are just weird. They creep me out in books and they creep me out on TV.
  10. Protagonist leading a revolution against the government- SO MANY! Don’t get me wrong, I love these but there’s so many fantasy/dystopian novels that have this exact trope and it’s a pretty obvious plot.

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