The One Thing by Marci Lyn Curtis | Book Review

Book Review

“That’s the one thing about being blind: you see people as they really are.”


This is honestly one of my new favorite books of the year. I just read this in basically one day because it hooked me from the right chapter, and then I couldn’t put it down it was so entertaining.

First of all, let’s discuss all of these beautiful, amazing characters. Maggie is such a hilarious and fun protagonist. She’s sarcastic, fun, and overall an entertaining point of view to read from. I laughed out loud at so many points of this story because Ben and Maggie’s interactions are so hilarious. Then when have Ben, who is honestly the best character ever. He’s everything you would expect from an audacious 10 year old boy. From his nickname for Maggie (Thera), his loyalty to his friends, the jokes and adorableness, it was too much for my poor little heart. I JUST LOVE THIS KID.

Mason is a really interesting and complex character. At first glance, he’s pretty much a jerk. That’s just because he’s actually shy, even though he’s the lead singer in a band. I loved reading more about Mason as the story went and how adorably his character developed.

Since this is a contemporary, we obviously have our swoon worthy romance, and again, I loved it. Maggie and Mason’s relationship is a very slow burn love and it’s worth every second I spent reading it. It took the two a while to actually understand each other and fall in love, which makes the relationship feel so real. That’s my favorite part of this book is that all of the characters and relationships felt so real.

This book is also an emotional roller coaster. There were so many times were I laughed, cried, and all emotions in between. It’s so heart wrenching and again, real. The story is all about Maggie coming to terms with how she is now and her life is different because of becoming blind. In the beginning she tries so hard to keep her life the same, but deep down she knows that everything has changed. It’s difficult coming to terms with such a life changing event and the way that Curtis writes those emotions in Maggie, her parents, her old soccer friends, even Ben and Mason is beautiful and sends a powerful message.

So, this extremely fangirly review might’ve given away, but I absolutely adored this book. It deserves way more hype then it has and I think everyone should read it because it’s such a powerful story about self discovery with a great cast of characters. Seriously, go read it!




9 thoughts on “The One Thing by Marci Lyn Curtis | Book Review

    Ben is literally the best 10 year old ever! He is my favourite character. The thirteen year old Fangirl in me loves that Mason is in a popular band! I can’t wait for Marci’s next book!!!
    Great review πŸ™‚

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