Marry, Kiss, Cliff | Book Tag

mkc favsLet’s have some fun, shall we? I don’t know about you guys, but I love games. I especially love games that deal with books, so since I’ve been sick I thought a nice way to cheer myself up would be to play a game of Marry, Kiss, Cliff. (Also I spent like 4 hours  redesigning my blog, so I need something to relax, haha).

For those of you who don’t know, Marry, Kiss, Cliff is a jar game where you have a certain amount of names of book characters in a jar and each round you pull out three names. Of those three names, you have to decide who you would marry, kiss, or push off a cliff. I was going to originally put in 6 of my favorite book babes a 6 of my not so favorite characters, but to shake it up a bit we have 12 names of my favorite book babes. It’s going to get real intense and funny, so let’s get started!


round 1This was already a bad idea. I love all of them so much! However, in the end I’m going to have to marry Quentin, kiss Noah, and cliff Akiva. So sorry Akiva, but Quentin will always be my adorable little nerd (also Nat Wolff is literally the cutest person ever). How could I pass up Noah? I mean, Mara definitely couldn’t.

round 2The struggle when there’s no good picture of Elias on Google. Oh well. ANYWAYS, this is impossible. Obviously, I have to marry Percy because Percy is one of my favorite all time characters and he’s just amazing and adorable. Kiss Liam because he’s my adorable little southern boy. Gotta carpe the hell out of this diem! Sadly, this means Elias gets the cliff which is so sad considering how much this poor boy has already gone through. But then again, I’ve only read him in one book and Percy had like 10, so he didn’t have much chance.

round 3Alright, here we go. Definitely marry Cricket, I just love the cute little nerdy type (sorry not sorry), kiss Mason (from The One Thing), while I love Ben more then Mason, he’s ten so that would be weird if he was in this! I’m totally fine with a cute musician. Here’s the odd one, Rowan gets the cliff. Now, I like Rowan as a character but not as a romantic interest because he’d probably accidentally (maybe not accidentally? I would hope not) kill me in my sleep or something like that.

round 4THIS IS MOST DEFINITELY THE HARDEST ROUND. 100% TOO HARD. The only easy thing about this one was to marry my one true love, Will Herondale (if this wasn’t dead obvious you must be new, hi!). NOW IT’S HARD. HOW CAN I CHOOSE BETWEEN LEO AND NIKOLAI. *flails* If I must, I’ll kiss Nikolai, whom is my favorite in the giant octagon of love in the Grisha trilogy. That leaves Leo for the cliff… I’m so sorry babe. It’s okay, he’ll turn up on Ogygia again and can live happily with Calypso. It’s okay…. *sheds tear*

I now regret my decision about only choosing my favorite characters because that was honestly so hard, especially the last one! This isn’t really a tag or anything since it’s more of a game, but if you want it to be a tag considered yourself tag and have fun!


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