Mockingjay Part 2 | Movie Review

mockingjay p2As the war of Panem escalates to the destruction of other districts by the Capitol, Katniss Everdeen, the reluctant leader of the rebellion, must bring together an army against President Snow, while all she holds dear hangs in the balance.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read Mockingjay, but I went to go see the movie last night and now I want to discuss it with you guys!

Overall, I thought the movie was really quite good and I enjoyed it a lot. I honestly think all four of the movies have been done extremely well and now I want to go watch the first one again. One thing I did notice is how dissatisfied with the ending I was, however I was annoyed with the ending of the book too. The decline of action felt rushed and awkward to me and Katniss’s PTSD wasn’t as prominent in the movie, but I can let that go. I did love the scene of her yelling at Buttercup, that did portray some of the PTSD quite well.

One biggest difference I do remember is that Haymitch doesn’t read a letter from Plutarch about the results of Coin’s death. Upon some googling, I discovered that Phillip Seymour Hoffman unfortunately died during the filming, so it’s an understandable change.

Do you guys want to know what bothered me? I distinctly remember (I could be wrong though) that it’s very clear Gale released the bomb/set the trap that killed all of those Capital children, including Prim. In the movie it’s played down and he says “I don’t know”. This is so frustrating because I don’t think you guys know how much I hate Gale in this was such a moment of closure for me in the book. I remember putting down the book and being like, “Gale freaking killed everyone. Oh my god.”

indexHowever, every single Peeta and Katniss scene was so good and made me tear up. It’s true, most of Katniss’s training and Peeta’ recovery was cut but it would’ve made the movie too long. Watching Peeta’s recovery throughout the movie was still quite emotional. Playing Real or Not Real again was so beautiful!

The whole scene in the sewer and post-Mutts was what got me going. I couldn’t handle Finnick’s death, Peeta and Katniss, Pollux losing his brother, it was all so intense and emotional. Then, in the end of the movie when Annie sent Katniss a letter with a picture of her son, I teared up again because Finnick.

dfkhI pretty much had forgotten the majority of the book when the end rolled around. So when Katniss was sent out to kill Snow but then actually killed Coin, I was so proud of her. I knew there was something weird about Katniss agreeing to another Hunger Games, but it was all part of her plan. That whole scene was executed so well though, the timpani’s all playing that beat as she walked down the road, the rebels merging with her, all of the victors waiting for Katniss, and then the rebels swarming and killing Snow. That’s what I call a good ending!

Overall, I loved this movie. I love all of the movies simply because of how well they’re done and because the actors are phenomenal. It’s weird that this movie series is done now since it’s been such a part of my life (not nearly as much as Harry Potter, but similar), but I’m glad the last one was done right.


5 thoughts on “Mockingjay Part 2 | Movie Review

  1. I went and saw it the other day as well and loved it!!! I didn’t cry though, I honestly think Rue’s death was more emotional done then Prim’a or Finnick – although Finnick’s was heart shattering.
    I kind of hate that it’s over, I now need a new movie series so really love (I like Divergent and Maze Runner I just LOVE them). Hopefully with all the new book series adaptions starting next year I find one I really love.

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