We’re All Just Humans | Tea Time Talk

tea time talkWelcome to Tea Time Talk! You might be reading this and thinking ‘what in the world is this?’, well the image pretty much says it all. Sometimes I want to just talk to you guys about what’s going on with discussions or a funny story, book related or not. This is where anything goes!

I used to like to think I was good with names.

It was something I prided myself on, I could look at someone and immediately recall their name and address them by it. That’s a pretty good skill for a human to have, yes?

Here’s the catch, I used to think that. Something has happened to me, I have no idea what or maybe I’ve never noticed it before now but I suck with names. I always thought this was my brother’s thing, considering he momentarily forgot our mom’s name when we were younger, but alas it’s now my thing.

Flashback to about 6 months ago in June when I went back to my middle school to celebrate the retirement of my old band director. Now, I’m only a junior in high school so, in the big picture, middle school wasn’t that long ago even though it felt like forever ago. At this concert, I was approached by an old band buddy and he came up to me, all excited to see me and exclaimed, “Oh my god! McKenzie, hi!”

I wish I could say that I totally recognized him and we had a nice, bittersweet moment of connection. I really wish I could, but I cant’t. I took a long look at him with nothing coming to mind, so I did natural human thing, I pretended.

A big grin came across my face, as I shared his equal excitement, “Wow, hi! It’s so great to see you again, how are you?” Thinking about now, pretending probably wasn’t the best option but recognizing people and placing names to them was my thing.

After a little more conversation, he called me out and asked if I really remembered him and I shamefully told him no, but it turns out that was fine with him. We had a good laugh about it and it makes for a pretty good story now.

I told myself that was a fluke, I hadn’t seen this guy in nearly 5 years! However, 3 months later it happened again. I was registering for my first quarter as a part time college student in a big room with other high school students at the college. The student sitting next to me turned to me to ask me a question about how to do something when recognition flashed across his face.

Oh no.

Did I recognize him? Nope.

Yes, it was another fellow student from my middle school who went to a different high school then I did, but in my defense he did look pretty different from when I last saw him.

You guys have no idea how many times when I’m reviewing a book I’ve typed the wrong name or when in a conversation I switch the names of two people sitting near me. Sometimes, I just end up accidentally calling someone the completely wrong name. It’s times like these where I question what in the world is wrong with me?!

Sometimes I have to sit back and think of my own advice I gave my mom when she accidentally set herself on fire whilst cooking (man, that’s a whole other story). Just relax, you’re only human.

It’s hard being a human, there’s so many things that we have to juggle and so many different outcomes. Everyone in this crazy world has their own successes (names clearly aren’t one of mine) and struggles, and while it’s hard, it’s okay to relax. You don’t have to be perfect every single day and you definitely don’t have to be a pro at every single activity you do.

We aren’t super heroes, even if we wish we were. We aren’t some crazy powerful demigod, shadowhunter, wizard/witch, cyborg, or any other creation from books. We’re humans, and sometimes I think we forget that and put too much on ourselves.

Seriously, it’s okay if you forgot someone’s name, face planted in the middle of the street, missed your stop on public transportation, or walked right into a pole because you weren’t watching where you were going. Trust me, we all do stupid things like that!

Just relax, you’re only human.


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