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tea time talkBefore we start the post, I’d like to apologize for my absence. My life got crazy busy, and while I wanted to blog and read, like really wanted to, I had no inspiration for blog posts, and I hadn’t been reading so nothing happened *cries*. However, inspiration has come back, so let’s begin!

I love a good romance in a book, whether it’s a little side romance in a YA book or a full blown romance novel (even though I don’t read them very often). Romance is fun! But let’s talk about favorites and what makes a cute couple.

*This list will be composed of my own personal opinions, feel free to discuss in the comments, I’d love to know who your favorite couples are!


  • Cress and Thorne- These two are my most recent OTP. I couldn’t stop giggling and squealing like and idiot during Cress and I’m loving their interactions during Winter so far. I love how it’s a playful sort of relationship and we’re watching them fall in love with the real version of each other.cress and thorne
  • Percy and Annabeth- Literally so cute. These two are one of my favorite couples for sure because we really saw them grow up together from age 11 to 18 (19?) and IT’S SO DARN CUTE. THEY’RE JUST AN ADORABLE LITTLE MESS.percabeth
  • Magnus and Alec- I love me some Malec, the most glittery couple out there. Not only do I love them as a couple, I really appreciate how much diversity Cassandra Clare puts in her novels and how well she wrote Alec’s internal struggles of coming to terms with his sexuality.februarymalec1
  • Tessa and Will- So obviously, I have to include my actual OTP, Wessa. I honestly love them so much and whenever I’m in a reading slump I go and reread Will and Tessa scenes because I adore them so much. Actual couple goals right here. SO CUTE AND SO MUCH LOVE WITH THESE TWO.CJ_Will_&_Tessa_01
  • Warner and Juliette- This is probably the most passion filled romance on this list and what can I say? I’m a sucker for those hate-to-love romances. I do really love the chemistry that these two have and it will always be better then Adam and Juliette (in my book, at least).


These might not be my OTPs, but I do really love these couples!

  • Simon Lewis and Isabelle Lightwood
  • Cath Avery and Levi
  • Alina Starkov and Nikolai Lantsov
  • America Singer and Maxon Schreave
  • Ruby Daly and Liam Stewart
  • Harry Potter and Ginny Weasly
  • Linh Cinder and Kai
  • Celaena Sardothien and Sam Cortland


In all reality, whatever makes a good couple in real life comes into play when there is a literary couple, yet their romances always seem more magical. What is that hidden element that makes us swoon so hard for certain couples?

Could it actually be that hint of magic in a relationship? There’s so many different ships in the Harry Potter universe, odd ones and all (I’m thinking of Snape and Hermione for that). Maybe it takes a little bit of magic to spark some love.

Yet, we have all of our contemporary couples such as Levi and Cath or any of Stephanie Perkin’s couples and everyone still swoons over them, magic or not. I feel like what makes their relationships swoon worthy is the fact that we all care for the characters so much and we have deep connections with them. Relationships all have to built on not only passion, but a mutual level of understanding and trust. Fantasy characters trust their partner to protect their back from demons or monsters, but contemporary/romance characters trust their partner to be there for them when needed.

When there’s a couple in a book, there needs to be certain elements like trust, understanding, passion, and of course, a spark. When someone is lacking one of those (for example, I don’t feel like Isla trusts Josh in Isla and the Happily Ever After), a couple doesn’t feel as strong and they don’t linger in my mind for as long.


Let me know who some of your favorite couples are! Do we have some of the same, or different? What do you feel makes a good couple? What elements should every literary couple have? Let me know.


11 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Book Couples | Tea Time Talk

  1. My fav OTP is Jessa ! (don’t get me wrong I also love Wessa, but Jem is bae)
    – Jace/clary
    – Sidney/Adrian
    -all stephanie Perkins couples (haha)
    -Ridge/ Sydney

    and many others but these ! ❀

    What I do feel makes a good couple is the connection, the need. And how is built the relationship. For example, instant love doesn't really makes it for me, except when there's an explanation.

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