Winter by Marissa Meyer | Book Review


“Yeah, but broken isn’t the same as unfixable.”

**This will be a spoiler free review of Winter**

Over the course of the last few months, I’ve basically marathoned this entire series, and I loved it! For a general ranking (from least favorite to favorite) I think it would have to go Scarlet, Cinder, and then Winter and Cress are tied for #1, although I might love Cress just a tiny bit more.

Winter is a phenomenal concluding novel for the series as there’s plenty of action, some romance, epic battle scenes, Cinder being a total badass, and it nicely ties up lose ends. One of my two very minor complaints is that 800+ pages did feel slightly excessive at times. Don’t get me wrong, I still flew through the book and it never felt dull at any given time, but there simply was a lot of material to read and I started to feel tired near the end. The only other complaint (ONLY SPOILER I PROMISE) is that none of our main crew died! It’s not that I wanted someone to die, I just think it would’ve shown the true consequences of the revolution.

I mentioned a similar thing in my Cress review, but Meyer does such a wonderful job of blending her quite complex story into the original fairy tale and it creates an amazing story. By this point in the series, Meyer is juggling up to 10 (including Iko and Levana’s) POVs and they all were interesting and kept my attention without getting too confusing. I also adore Meyer’s writing style and how comfortable it feels to read, yet convey a wide range of emotions.

Winter and Jacin are our primary couple in this book, but it didn’t always feel like it. In fact, I liked it better this way because I’m way more attached to Cinder, Kai, Wolf, Scarlet, Thorne, and Cress than Winter and Jacin. I still loved Winter as a character (Jacin… not so much) and her perspectives were always uniquely different than the others. Winter was such a different character that she introduced into the series. She’s someone who is battling Lunar sickness because she refuses to use her gift, which already shows her strength. Yes, she had not the best ideas sometimes, but she was a fun addition to the crew.

The other characters are equally amazing, as they always have been and the relationships are just as swoon worthy (especially my babies Thorne and Cress). Winter is pack full of so much amazing-ness, so if you’ve yet to read it or even pick up the Lunar Chronicles in general, I highly encourage it because they are fantastic.

I know this is a pretty short review for such a crazy book, but I really want to keep it spoiler free. I might (probably will) post a book talk about Winter after Christmas when I’ve had time to think about the book and really dwell upon it. I would love to go into detail and discuss everything that happened, so keep an eye for that!Rating-



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