2016 Blogging/Reading Goals

2016 goalsHappy New Year everyone! I can’t believe that 2015 is now in the past, but we have a brand new, exciting year ahead of us (with lots of VERY exciting book releases!)

As it is the new years, let’s discuss some goals for this year. In 2015 one of my biggest goals was to adjust the look of my blog into something I love. Well, after 3 or 4 different style attempts (I’m so sorry for all those who suffered through that craziness) I believe I’m finally done! I switched up my theme, got a new main color and I adore how my blog looks.

I tried several other 2015 challenges which kind of failed. I’m not too sad about these because my heart was never quite in them. The TBR Jar challenge lasted about 3 months and with the Popsugar reading challenge, I read 33/50 of the books. What I am a little disappointed by was my Goodreads challenge. I had initially set my goal at 70 booksΒ  and when I realized there was no way I was going to make it I changed it to 60 and this year I read… 59 books.tumblr_inline_nzw5x0pCB91s22cpf_500Well… Life goes on after that almost completion.

2016 GOALS

As Dumbledore would say, alas! We’re in the new year and that means new goals! I’m to separate my blogging and reading goals into two categories, even though they kind of relate.


  • Don’t faze out blogging- This last year I hit a pretty big reading/blogging slump that derailed everything. I let my slump over take me instead of trying to shake it off and things suffered. I put up 3 posts in March, not a single post in April, and didn’t post until half way through May! So this year I want to stay semi-consistent in blogging and not give up.
  • Actually use the schedule post feature- This would really help with the last one, wouldn’t it?
  • Comment on other posts- I’m in the full swing of commenting back now but I’m still pretty bad about commenting on your posts! That shall change in 2016!


  • Finish/get caught up on series- There are numerous series where I’ve read book one or two and haven’t finished the series so I want to do that this year. The list includes The Remnant Chronicles, The Winner’sΒ Trilogy, and Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series.
  • Read what I like (mostly)- Exclude books sent for review from this entire point, but sometimes I get so wrapped up in what’s the ‘it’ book right now and what everyone else is reading that I forget to read what I think is interesting. No longer shall hype consume me!

6 thoughts on “2016 Blogging/Reading Goals

  1. Bummer about being one off of your goal but that is still a fantastic result πŸ™‚
    I wouldn’t survive without the scheduling post option to be honest! Once school starts I find I am so inconsistent with my blogging but it relieves a lot of stress to know I have posts going up even when I lack the time.

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