Month In Review | December 2015

DecemberIt’s crazy that we’re officially done with 2015! Now it’s time for the new year with lots of new goals and resolutions and also anticipating all of those highly anticipated 2016 releases!


In the month of 2015, I finished a total of 5 books. While I wish this was slightly higher, I’m still happy with the amount I read.

  • Cress by Marissa Meyer | Review
  • Winter by Marissa Meyer | Review
  • Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg | Review
  • A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness | Review
  • Signs Point to Yes | Review to come!

december wrap up


I already discussed some of my not only blogging goals, but reading goals for 2016 here. However, just know that I’m super excited to go into the new year and I hope that my blog will continue to grow throughout these next months.

I also want to find a bunch of new blogs to read! I love reading everyone’s posts and seeing what books other people are enjoying or what interesting topic is prompting a discussion somewhere else.


There’s a lot to look forwards to now. My personal life starts to get busy again as I’m going back to school to start the new quarter at the college and I guess just back to high school (the semester didn’t finish yet!)

There are also so many new book releases coming up soon! I’m personally so excited for Passenger by Alexandra Bracken, in fact it’s been per-ordered and should be here very soon.

I hope everyone had a great end of the year and that you’re also excited for the new year and what it’s bringing along with it. Is there a book release that you’re particularly excited for? Let me know!


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