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Shadowhunters-promo-finalAs many of you know, the TV adaptation of The Mortal Instruments aired this week along with the second episode of the series. I went into this having weird expectations of being excited and also being extremely nervous at the same time.

To start out, the things I disliked the most was simply was different and confusing it was. I know the actors have said that it’s faithful to the book but with a twists, but I honestly don’t see much faithfulness at all. There was so many moments in the first two episodes where all I could think was “WHAT?” (such as the runes, Maureen, Jocelyn giving Clary a stele, the CGI, the seraph blades, the institution, weird pedaling of mundane blood, and since when do shadowhunters have weird hyper speed (not Jace)).

My biggest concern going in too was Kat McNamara as Clary and while I’m she’s a wonderful person, I don’t like her acting and portrayal of Clary. She’s suddenly way more bold and rash in the TV show and even how she looks is odd in my opinion, Clary doesn’t wear heels. I think Kat and Dom (Clary and Jace) have a cute chemistry, but their relationship is moving way too fast for me. By the second episode they were holding hands and it was super weird.

However, I love Alberto as Simon so so very much. I found myself giggling at a lot of his lines, and I’m just so pleased with his character. I love all of his interactions with Alec, Jace, and honestly the entire cast. Half of my notes that I was taking while watching the show were about how much I adore Alberto.simonOverall, I think this series has potential. If I could give one word to it, it would definitely be potential. There’s a lot of the writers have changed, the dialogue is cheesy, some parts are overacted, and there’s many confusing aspects of the story. However, there are some great actors (Alberto Rosende, Maxim Roy, Matthew Daddario, Isaiah Mustafa, and Alan Van Sprang), there’s some good chemistry starting between characters, and there’s still plenty of time for the show to grow!


20 thoughts on “Shadowhunters 1.01/1.02 + Initial Thoughts | TV Talk

  1. I AM SO GLAD WE AGREE ON SO MANY THINGS ABOUT THIS. Sorry for the all caps, but I have been complaining in my own review about a couple of things you’ve mentioned and people have sometimes told me that it wasn’t THAT bad. But the seraph blades just looked like plastic toy swords and I did not like Kat’s portrayal of Clary. As you said – way too bold and her relationship with Jace is moving too fast. I also agree on Simon – he’s the best! He gets all the funny lines and is just generally quirky and likable. I also really like Alec! I am however a little disappointed what they’ve turned Magnus, who is one of my all time favourite characters into! There were no Malec scenes so far and Magnus would never run like he did in Ep 2 ..

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    1. YES. THE SERAPH BLADES BUG ME SO MUCH. Like, no naming? That’s such a cool part of the mythology! I honestly don’t know what they plan on doing for the rest of Clace because it’s moving SO fast. I totally forgot to write about Magnus! I feel ya, there’s was none of the cute initial Malec between them at the club and I feel like they’ve turned him into a wimpy warlock. I’m afraid Dot is going to become the “lead” warlock on the show and not Magnus!


      1. I knooow! What is up with everyone just being able to use anyone’s seraph blade at any time? It is so weird!
        I think Clace mostly feels wrong, because Jace isn’t fighting his feelings at all. He’s like, I like that chick and I am going to save her and obviously try to hold her hand as much as I can because body contact or whatever -.-
        It would frustrate me to no end if they went with Dot as main warlock … but I see where you are coming from!

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      2. Exactly! I also thought that it was weird that Izzy was so nice at first, but apparently that was explained. Do you ever watch the YouTube videos of Natasha @Tashapolis and Christine @PolandBananasBOOKS? Because they did a great review and they said that TV Izzy never became cynical about love because she doesn’t know about her dad.

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      3. I did watch that and I think it’s interesting! That allows for the opportunity of her to find out later in the series which will be cool to see! I hope they reveal Robert’s whole story about the affair and being parabatai with Stephan Herondale and such.

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      4. I loved their review! It was very on point about most things. And I agree, it opens up for a lot of scenes that now won’t have to be shown in weird flashbacks or so.
        I think the reviews for the show haven’t been all that great, but I do hope that they’ll get another season. I need to know who they would cast for Sebastian hahaha

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      5. Yeah, that could easily turn sideways … I think Cassie wrote him exactly the right way. We all knew he was the ultimate villain, but I actually kind of loved him. He was twisted and I didn’t want him to win of course, but I carried a torch for him, hoping he could somehow be redeemed. If they don’t get the balance right, he will just turn out to be another villain of the week.

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  2. I was just about to start the first episode on Netflix when I spotted your post. It seems like there have been quite a few mixed emotions. I have a feeling I’m going to be constantly comparing it to the book and scrutinizing all of the inconsistencies, like you had mentioned. At least I’m going into it with slightly lowered expectations.

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    1. I definitely recommend still watching it because while it has it’s flaws, it’s still good. I think overall I’m just really disappointed how they said it was going to stay close to the source material and then it… didn’t.


  3. I feel like there were certain changes that they had to make in order to make the TV show progress–like additional characters and modifications to the plot line. As you see in the movie, you can literally sum up the entire first book into a 1.5-2 hour movie and still get the majority of it so you need to do some changes for it to be 12+ 1 hour episodes.

    That being said, I feel like they could expand upon the world a lot more but at the same time, you have to keep it simple for audiences to follow–especially when they seem to be targeting the teen audience.

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