Things I Love About Being A Bookworm/Blogger | Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten TuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely The Broke and the Bookish. As this week’s theme is a freebie, I decided not directly related to books. I spent a long time thinking about a good list and I realized how much I honestly love being a bookworm, so here are the top ten things I love about being a bookworm/blogger!

  1. Finding my own perfect universe- There’s this crazy thing called life that unfortunately seems to absolutely crazy sometimes, so when life gets absolutely crazy and I get too stressed out, I love being able to read. It’s a way to relax from stress and a great benefit from being a bookworm. ttt1
  2. Sharing- One of the main reasons I made a blog was so that I can share my feelings on certain books that I read, because I certainly have a lot of them. It seems like such little thing, but my friends don’t read the same books as I do and I love reviewing books on here and discussing. Fun fact, my reviews are my pride and joy of this blog! I love writing them and having you all read them, so thank you!
  3. Never being bored- This is another one that I’m unbelievably grateful for. I always carry a book around with me, in book form or on an ebook, but I love being able to read wherever I am and not be bored. (Especially on the bus, although I have missed stops before doing this, haha)
  4. Having connections- For someone who doesn’t travel much, it’s crazy to me that I’m discussing some of my favorite things in the world on the opposite side of the world from where I am! I love reading about different cultures from other places and the different books people like there and such.
  5. Characters are the best- Let’s be real here, sometimes people suck. So, in awful situations, what’s better than leaving them behind and joining your favorite (not to mention reliable) character on an amazing journey.ttt2
  6. Learning is awesome- Every book has a lesson hidden inside of it. It may be written on the page, or you may have to dig for it, but we all learn something when we read and that’s something that I love about being a bookworm because learning new things is one of my favorite things to do!
  7. Expressing myself- Blogging is a bit of an outlet for me, and almost a secret identity. Not many real life people know about my blog but it’s so wonderful being able to express myself and my love for books to people who understand me.
  8. Having nerd spasms- Nerding out over a great new book is so much fun, and I love it! I actually had a total nerd out this Sunday when I discovered this person I know is currently reading City of Heavenly Fire, we had a 20ish minute discussion about the series and the TV show. It was great.
  9. Getting recommendations- I’ve read more books than ever since I started blogging and my TBR pile is also bigger than ever. So many fantastic books I’ve read because other bloggers/booktubers recommended them or I read a great review on one. It’s great having a constant source of books to read!
  10. YOU!- My #1 (or I guess 10?) thing I love about being a bookworm/blogger is you guys. I honestly wouldn’t love it nearly as much if I didn’t have this blog where I can totally freak out about books, which is the best part about being a bookworm.ttt3

11 thoughts on “Things I Love About Being A Bookworm/Blogger | Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Haha the nerd-spasms. Yes! When you find out someone has read the same book as you and loved it just as much as you did, it’s like an insta-BFF 🙂

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