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Unless you’re the type of book lover who lives under the rock, I’m sure you’ve heard about and/or seen the TV adaption of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter books. The show has certainly sparked much controversy between everyone, and while it has it’s many flaws, there are good aspects about it.

I initially planned on reviewing each episode as they come out, but since Michelle over at Writing Hufflepuff has been doing that (they’re hilarious, check them out!), I decided not to. However, I have been watching the show on Hulu as the episodes come out and I’ve been debating whether or not to continue the show.


  • The terrible CGI. This ranges from the demons, all of the special effects, the weird slow down and speed up things when there’s fighting or even just walking. PEOPLE CAN WALK AT A NORMAL SPEED.
  • The awkward changes to the Shadowhunter skill set. Dear writers, are you sure you read the books? Are you sure? Shadowhunters aren’t some super human species, they do have restrictions. *cough* I’m looking at you “tracking” *cough*
  • Award line deliveries. A lot of this comes from Dom Sherwood (Jace) which makes me very disappointed.
  • The lack of explanations. It doesn’t matter if you’ve read all the books, because I honestly have no idea what’s going on in the show. There’s so many random little things that happened that are never explained.
  • Seraph Blades. This one gets it’s own whole point because I will never accept how stupid they look. Never.


  • Valentine’s need for mundane blood. What is this?? THIS IS NEVER EXPLAINED AND HE DOESN’T NEED MUNDANE BLOOD.
  • The portals. I die of laughter every time a portal comes up because they seem so random and out of place.
  • The Institution. I have absolutely no words for how disappointed I am by the Institution. Absolutely none.
  • The weird circle tattoo thing. What is this? Why did young Luke and Jocelyn have one but they don’t have it anymore? Same with Mayrse and Robert. So why does Hodge still have his?
  • Jace and Clary instalove. Ugh, stop it now.
  • Simon’s weird vampire transition with the anger issues.


  • Izzy and Alec have the best sibling relationship ever.
  • In fact, Alec gives this show life, he’s the best character right now. As Michelle puts it, Alec Baewood.
  • At least Valentine doesn’t have a rat tail this time. Although, I quite like Alan Van Sprag as Valentine!
  • Alberto Rosende is such a great Simon, he has some of the best lines too.
  • Magnus is a beautiful, glitter covered character. Thank god he has pants on this time around.

In summary of those points, there’s many, many things that need much improvement on the show, but it does have some good parts going for it. I feel like I want to give it a whole season before coming to a conclusion, but at the current moment I’m really not the biggest fan of it.

However, each episode is getting slightly better so we can hope it stays on that trajectory. One thing that concerns me if it gets renewed is where the show is going. They are currently speeding through the books (but in a weird fashion. In some plot lines they’re half way through the 2nd book, in some a quarter through the 1st) and it seems like it’s going to stray way too far from the books.

So, half way through season 1, there are many concerns for the future and I’m not really feeling it. I might not watch season 2, and I hope that the show never even touches TID. It’s perfect and doesn’t need to be on big screens.shrug2


11 thoughts on “To Continue Shadowhunters or Not | Tea Time Talk

  1. Shadowhunters is one of those hilariously bad shows that I can’t help but want to watch more of??? I can’t help but think that it’s not even the actors fault for the show feeling a bit lackluster for me. It’s that the direction in simply alloying certain dialogues or shot framing to get a pass to the small screen that’s a big “why?!”

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  2. I KNEW THE TERM ALEC BAEWOOD WOULD SPREAD QUICKLY! It’s just the perfect way to describe him! I get why you are debating about continuing to read it! The show truly is only meh …
    I can tell you why Luke doesn’t have the circle rune anymore! He’s a werewolf and downworlders can’t have runes, so when he was turned, they all faded. As for the others, I think since Maryse and Robert got pardoned by the Clave, they don’t have the rune anymore. Jocelyn – no idea. A lot in this show doesn’t actually make sense. There is a LOT of overacting going on, bad deliveries of lines happening and terrible, terrible CGI … but I will watch the entire season I think. I won’t give up hope that they might get more budget for the next season and that that will make it better?

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    1. Ahhh Luke makes sense! Perhaps Jocelyn had hers removed by Magnus or something like that…
      The overacting is painful to watch at times haha, they make certain scenes way more dramatic then necessary. Oooh I do hope a larger budget will make the show better and hopefully fix the seraph blades!

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  3. I’d not planned on watching Shadowhunters at all, but then my friend and I marathoned all the episodes that are out so far and I have to say, they’re so so cheesy. I couldn’t help but laugh. I feel like it’ll improve the further along it goes, but the special effects probably won’t improve until next season, if the show’s popular and they get more money.

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    1. It’s so cheesy it cracks me up! Which is probably one of the saddest parts of the show since all of the Shadowhunter novels aren’t meant to be cheesy. It’s making the whole series seem like some of teenage demon drama with no moral back stories.

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  4. Aww I’m glad you’re enjoying my reviews! But don’t let mine stop you from doing the same thing! πŸ™‚ It makes me really happy that Alec Baewood is becoming a thing haha. Oh god yes the CGI when they walk/run it looks ridiculous. I laugh every time I see it. And the tracking is soo convenient. And the seraph blades look like lightsaber knock-offs πŸ˜‚ Thank god for Alec Baewood, Baewood Siblings, Magnus, Simon and Malec ❀


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