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city of ashes

We are now a mere 4 days from the release of Lady Midnight and I’m still slowly continuing my reread of TMI and I just finished City of Ashes! Instead of posting a normal review, I figured I would share my feelings about what went down with the beauty of gifs.

There will be spoilers for this book in this post, so if you haven’t read it yet and don’t want to spoiled, turn away! Other than that, enjoy this book talk.

Jace and Clary’s angsty feelings and their reluctance to use their wordsyouths

The Inquisitor’s logic with everything about Jacetumblr_n1f28uB3ao1tttsf0o1_500

Clary trying to get a grasp on the whole rune thingtumblr_nwddm3T6mt1udthpto1_400

When Jace and Clary kissed in the Seelie Court


MALEC BEING THE BEST OTP EVERtumblr_inline_mz1zj70wWE1rs4nv6

Cassandra Clare whenever she makes subtle nods to Jace’s true heritagetumblr_n17ztzUF7i1t44b3oo1_500

Me any time Valentine calls Jace son or vise versatumblr_n50r0iUw9V1skxngbo1_400

When Izzy almost died after she got very little attention in this booktumblr_n8xykuuDSf1tejxuro1_500

Maia and Simon bonding, BREAKING DOWN THAT DOWNWORLDER BARRIERtumblr_nmsz17XbUM1ts4wrvo1_400

Overall, I think this was one of my least favorite installments in the series (from what I remember) and I’m pretty sure it’s all because of the fake sibling thing… it bugs me so much! Anyways, I doubt I can finish the series again before Lady Midnight gets released, but try I will.





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