Love It or Dread It? English in School | Tea Time Talk

tea time talkWhen we start school as a mere five year old, we learn to read and write words on a page. As we progress through school we learn how to comprehend what we’ve read and summarize it, we then continue to develop these skills throughout our entire lives. Obviously these are extremely important skills, but here’s the question… Do you love this class or dread it?

I’m not completely sure how school systems in other countries are organized (but do fill me in!), but in America, students are required to take an English class (or Language Arts as it’s more commonly known) until they graduate from high school,typically age 18. Many will then take higher courses in college but that all depends.

I personally have a very strong love-hate relationship with my English/LA classes. Growing up, when I was a mere child, I loved reading in class and writing fun fantasy stories about going on adventures. Unfortunately, I did grow up and I was expected to begin writing those dreary essays. At this stage, this is where the dread came in. I was awful at writing academic papers when I first started writing them because I couldn’t get around my over imaginative brain trying to makeΒ  Christopher Columbus’s journey to America into a story and not a paper.writing
It wasn’t until this year, when I started my part time college courses, when I truly enjoyed writing papers. I was actually taught how to write instead of someone telling me to write, and not only did it become enjoyable, but my writing also improved. It also allowed me to expand my writing to stuff I actually care about. For example, my final paper last quarter in English was about classism in the Hunger Games. Fun.
love it
The parts about writing and reading in school that I love are…

  • It exposes me to new books and writing styles.
  • It gets me writing, because we all know starting is the hardest part.
  • Learning to properly articulate my thoughts.

dread itThe parts about writing and reading in school that I truly dread are…

  • Due dates, I’m that type of person where the closer the due date is, the less I want to do it.
  • Strange requirements (such as page/word count, format, ect.)
  • Sometimes it can really limit the potential that I know I could reach if I wasn’t tied down by the assignment.

What are your thoughts about taking English/writing and reading course in school? What different experiences have you had? Let’s discuss!


17 thoughts on “Love It or Dread It? English in School | Tea Time Talk

  1. Interesting discussion! πŸ˜€ I enjoy English for the most part. I’m in an honors class this year and am signed up for another next year. I don’t mind the essays or the projects. I despise the presentations because of my anxiety, but otherwise I like the class. The only part I don’t like is what we read. Since middle school, I’ve only read one book in English that I enjoyed, and that was The Outsiders. I’m not a fan of classics, which is basically the entire curriculum. But other than that, it’s one of my favorites. πŸ˜‰

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      1. I haven’t read 1984 yet but I think I do next year! We read Animal Farm and To Kill a Mockingbird this year, and we recently started Romeo and Juliet. They’re all so boring, and I don’t understand half of the language in R&J. XD

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      2. I think I might have enjoyed it if I picked it up on my own. I always tend to like books more if I don’t have to read them. πŸ˜‰
        I understand Romeo and Juliet, I just think it’s boring. I think watching the movie Gnomeo and Juliet would be so much better, honestly. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

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  2. The mere introduction to “Classics” re academic studying is something that I’m glad to have done. I’m speaking of this retrospectively of course as the mere thought of essays and projects at that time was probably annoying. I probably wouldn’t have read titles like The Outsiders or any Shakespeare, among others, had it not been for English classes (although I’ll gladly take my hours back from Catcher in the Rye–I loathed that book).

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    1. I’m definitely glad that the classes have introduced me to some new books I wouldn’t have normally picked up, but I find that if you don’t like or understand the material it becomes quite pointless. I seem to have missed the big Catcher in the Rye phase of reading since I have yet to read that one!


  3. I always enjoyed English class for the content. Analyzing works has always intrigued me, especially Shakespeare.

    What I didn’t enjoy about High School English class: is all the people in the class who didn’t enjoy it. They didn’t want to be there and it made it difficult for the teacher to teach. I also hate when teachers make students read Shakespeare aloud. Let me listen to the audio version recorded by actors please–they actually know how to interpret and read the lines to give them some depth; listening to a classmate stumble through the lines is not enjoyable.

    English classes in University were much better. People actually want to be there and are interested in what you are studying so it makes for better discussions.

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    1. Oh I 100% agree, people are the worst! I must admit, I’m probably the one stumbling through Shakespeare, but I do find it quite interesting when I have time to analyze and understand it myself. Other people just don’t quite get our bookish tendencies, do they? πŸ˜‚

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      1. Oh I stumble through Shakespeare too! But I feel like it loses its charm when that happens because we don’t “act” it out like it’s supposed to be. I get so much more out of listening to the audiobook or the play itself than reading the text on its own

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  4. English class in my high school is terrible! Maybe it’s just the curriculum there focuses more on Science and Math. But most English teachers I had weren’t just good and passionate enough for me, like they keep making us write essays but they don’t give the time to read them! It’s really dreadful because I’m very interested in Literature, maybe College classes would be better for me! Great post btw. πŸ˜„

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    1. Aw thank you! It’s awful when you can tell that teacher aren’t invested in what they’re teaching… It makes the class almost insufferable. An English course that focuses on Math and Science? That seems a bit odd to me, so maybe that’s why the classes aren’t doing the justice you wish. I hope your classes get better! πŸ™‚

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