Bookish Things and Tea Has Turned 2!


Today is a very special day for me, as it marks the anniversary of when I made my blog. What’s pretty crazy this year is that I’ve been blogging for two whole years now.

Wow, that’s so insane.

I can’t believe that two years have passed already, so whether you’ve been around for all of those two years or if you’re new to my blog, thank you so, so much for being there. I honestly appreciate every follow, like, and comment that my blog receives, and I’d never thought that I’d reach this far. I’m not normally a person who stays committed to something like this for long, but here we are. Who would’ve thought that the thing I started on a whim would grow to be this important to me.

Here’s a fun little fact. In two years I’ve managed to post 206 times, 71 of which have been book reviews! I absolutely love writing book reviews, they are by far my favorite posts to write so I’m glad that you all seem to enjoy them as well.

I’d also like to take this time to mention that I just hit 300 followers a few days ago, and it seems appropriate to thank you here. Because I feel like I don’t always say it enough, but you all are amazing.

Basically, this post is just to say how much I appreciate and love the book blogging community (let’s face it, the best internet community out there) and I can’t wait to continue blogging after this! Who knows what the next year will bring?


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