10 Reasons Everyone Should Watch Gilmore Girls | Tea Time Talk

tea time talk(1)Hi, my name is McKenzie and I haven’t been a good reader. Why is this you may ask? I have embarked upon the epic journey of watching Gilmore Girls for the second time through, starting from the beginning.

For all of you who don’t know what Gilmore Girls is, it’s the most beautiful TV show to exist, and I’m going to give you a bunch of reasons why you should watch it if you haven’t already (or why you should watch it again). I know I don’t talk about TV much, but this show is seriously amazing.

1. Rory Gilmore is basically all of us

tumblr_m9kdmbYpTU1qgcld7o4_400A slightly awkward (especially around boys) bookworm, who drinks way too much coffee, and lives off diner food and Poptarts. I don’t know about you all, but that’s basically me. Plus she sniffs books.

2. All of the family relationships

The show explores the best friend relationship between Rory and her mom, Lorelai. However, it also explores the tedious relationship between Lorelai and her parents, and rebuilding it after Lorelai runs from home due to becoming a teen mom.

3. The show is inspiring

rory-graduates-gilmore-girls-6515Rory is a very dedicated student, as she’s determined to attend Harvard University. Every time I watch the show, I want to go do homework (even though it’s summer). Lorelai has also worked so hard to rebuild her own life, and in the beginning of the show, even runs an inn.

4. Let’s talk about the boys

Both Rory and Lorelai have multiple love interests throughout the series, and it’s quite a crazy ride. Seriously the show is worth watching just for the love lines (even though it’s so, so much more). If you’ve ever heard the argument about Team Dean vs. Team Jess vs Team Logan, welcome to the crazy Gilmore Girls fandom.

5. It’s down to Earth hilarious

Mornings-Really-Really-SuckThis show is so relatable, and that’s what makes it so hilarious. Almost every single episode has me laughing out loud, and that’s quite an accomplishment. There’s humor for everyone, dry, indirect, direct, and sometimes crude. Laugh away my friends.

6. It’s the perfect time

As you may or may not know, Netflix has picked up the show for a revival with four, 90 minute episodes. They even got the original writer back, thank goodness. So there has not been a better time to binge watch the show and catch up on what’s going on in Stars Hallow.

7. The characters aren’t perfect

paris-truth-gilmore-girls-6515Just like real life, Rory and Lorelai (plus many others) mess up, quite a lot in fact. They never let these mistakes mess them up, instead them keep fighting through. This is so very important, because this aspect can sometimes be missing in newer TV shows, and is disappointing to watch.

8. It’s just such an honest show

From the different family troubles, to being the new kid in school, dealing with boyfriends, standing up against a bully, or jamming out to a song with your best friend… the moments presented in the show ring so true to real life that you simply can’t stop watching.

9. Small town vibe

tumblr_m2ebq4SzgG1rou6cwo1_r3_500The show is set in the fictional town of Stars Hallow, which is probably the weirdest and quirkiest town to ever exist. For people like myself who live in the big city, it’s fun to escape to a small town like Stars Hallows and imagine what living there would be like.

10. The dialogue is so fun

The conversations that happen in this town are basically hyper speed. There are so many fun references and jokes hidden inside the dialogue, but it’s not straining or tiring to listen to. It’s really the perfect balance of witty, sharp, and completely honest.



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