Characters I Wish Were Family | Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam @ThoughtsOnTomes. You find out more about T5W and the weekly topics on the Goodreads group here.

Do you ever read a book book and think to yourself, dang that’s a cool family! I totally do, and this week’s topic is all about character’s you’d want as family.

You can say this in a broad way or be specific (i.e. _______ would be a cool aunt, ______would be a great older brother, etc.)

The book covers will be shown, and I’ll say the character and their role below.


Tessa Gray- Obviously I want Tessa as my older sister! We have so many things in common, and we actually look a bit alike (or we do in my mind), besides the fact that Tessa is described as tall and I’m a measly 5’1″.

Cress Darnel- I’ve always imagined Cress as being a little sister, even though I don’t think my age is  that different from Cress’s. She simply strikes me as someone who would love to have an older sibling to look up to.

Jesper Fahey- You know how every family seems to have that one crazy uncle that just pops up during the holidays? To me, Jesper strikes me as that character. I think he would be a fantastic uncle, and he’d probably bring super cool gifts for the kiddos.

Annabeth Chase- Annabeth would be such a cool family member. I’m not sure where she fits in the family line, so maybe she’d be a friend of someone, but is so close that’s she is basically family. Imagine all the crazy philosophical discussions you could have!

Fred and George Weasley- Okay, let’s be real. Who doesn’t want Fred and George as their older brother? Look how protective they were over both Ron and Harry, and they even offered to send Ginny a Hogwarts toilet seat before she came to school.



8 thoughts on “Characters I Wish Were Family | Top 5 Wednesday

  1. I’ll fight you for Fred and George, okay? 😉 Then again, so long as they’re both alive… *sobs*

    I decided a long time ago I want Eddard Stark as my dad. If that wish was granted, I’d gladly eviscerate whomever necessary to keep him alive.

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  2. Fred and George–I want them as my older brothers!
    Damn, I realize now that I read too much non-fiction that I really don’t have favorite “characters”! 😦

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