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Before we jump into the discussion about Sarah J. Maas’s latest news, I just want to say sorry for not being super active the last few days! I started school (sort of) again last Wednesday and I was away at band camp this last weekend with no wifi or time for reading.

Anyways, right before I left there was an announcement that Hulu will pick up Maas’s Throne of Glass as a TV adaptation under the name “Queen of Shadows”, which is the title of the fourth book in the series, if you are unaware. The Mark Gordon Company has picked up the show and Kira Snyder will write the pilot. Snyder is the writer for The 100 (which I adore). Here is the mini show description I’ve found floating around the internet.

Queen of Shadows follows Celaena Sardothien, a complicated female assassin with a mysterious past who only wants her freedom. Now beholden to an increasingly tyrannous king, Celaena will become a reluctant hero against the multitudes of forces that threaten to destroy her world. Along the way she will make friends, enemies, and lovers, and be wildly underestimated by all of them.

With many book adaptations, this does quite a lot of potential, but due to the natural complexity of the series it also has so much potential to go downhill. To start, I’m not a fan of the mini description provided. I’m not too sure why,but it just seems so cheesy and doesn’t properly represent the book. I also don’t like the fact that the show is called Queen of Shadows. Yes, they stuck with one of the book titles which is so nice, but it feels revealing to me. Almost as if they are going to rush the first several books.

Clearly, at this point we know very little about what is going on, or if the show will even 100% happen, but there is still much to discuss. Let’s start with the pilot episode writer, Kira Snyder. I absolutely love The 100, it’s by far one of my favorite shows, but I’ve heard it’s very different from the books. Although, I’ve also heard that the books aren’t too good. However, ToG definitely are good books so I’d personally love to see them be faithful to the source material.

In a general sense, I’m actually already nervous about the show because TV show adaptations don’t have the best track record with me (looking at you Shadowhunters). AKA they say they’ll stay faithful to the material, and then it barely resembles it. At least it isn’t Freeform (ABC Family) picking up the show this time.

Let me know down in the comments what you think about the possibility of a Throne of Glass TV show! Would you rather see a movie or two per book, or do you like the TV show? Are you excited or nervous? What are your opinions on book adaptations (movies or shows)? I’d love to know!


17 thoughts on “Throne of Glass TV Show? | Tea Time Talk

  1. We’re actually really nervous about this. We feel like the whole thing is just going to go up in flames and not the kind of flames our favourite assassin plays with.
    We’ve also heard that Hulu doesn’t have the biggest budget and for this kind of adaption we know the company would need to pour a lot of time and money into it.

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      1. There’s so many ways which they could ruin it. Like you said about Shadowhunters. We watched half an episode and it was awful. Shows like TVD, The Originals and The 100 are so great because they don’t have the best source material.
        Throne of Glass is amazing by itself so high standards will need to be met if it goes ahead.

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  2. I haven’t read the whole series, but I’m a huge Sarah J. Maas fan.
    Personally I always think that a to series, with the right writer, director and production team, has a lot more potential, mainly for the fact that there is more air time. If you choose the right format you can be as hooked on a Tv series as you can the book. But it has to be done well, and it has to be true. I wish that some one would get this into film companies heads! They loose potential DVD buyers and cinema goers by not being true. But most of all, with any to series or film adaptation, if the book fans don’t like it/ watch it, then they loose money and ultimately they’ll give up on it.

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  3. If Freeform adapted Throne of Glass I think I would cry. Shadow hunters is so awful in every aspect (in my opinion), they completely ruined the series for me tbh!
    And I’m okay if they change the story/plot lines, and it’s expected that they will, but I hope they keep the brilliant character development SJM has created.

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  4. I’m actually happier that this is going to be a TV series and not a movie franchise. As a TV series I feel like they can take their time expanding this universe and the characters. Plus, there is so much material here to fill up an episode. Queen of Shadows the novel reminded me a lot of a season of Game of Thrones so I think they can do a decent job of it.

    As for Shadowhunters–the TV writing is awful no doubt. I think I only watched the first 4 episodes so I’m not sure how much it deviates later on in the season. But I do plan to watch the rest of it because 1) I’m curious to see what they do and 2) I need some Shadowhunters in any form to hold me over for Lord of Shadows ❀

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