Just A Little Blogging Heart-To-Heart | Tea Time Talk


Blogging is awesome. Having a platform to express opinions about one of my favorite things in the entire world, books, is awesome. All of the individual interactions between bloggers about those aforementioned books has been (an will continue to be so) the best experience ever.

Even with all those amazing aspects, blogging can also be exhausting.

I’m sure many of us have experienced some kind of stress through our blogs, which let me just say absolutely sucks. I’ve always held the opinion that blogging should never become a chore, or you should never feel forced to check WordPress (blogger, or whatever platform you use) and put more content out there. This would lead to not quality content, which I’m sure none of us want to post! After procrastinating for many hours on Buzzfeed, the true reality of “quality over quantity” has become painfully obvious.

This is also a place for me to just type up and express myself. I’m fully aware that my blog isn’t perfect, or that I’m not the world’s best blogger. Quite frankly, I’m a bit of a lazy person, especially when I get busy (which seems a bit counter intuitive, don’t you think?), so I love setting aside time to read and share those experiences with others of the same interest.

By no means do I have any plans to stop blogging, this isn’t a goodbye post (haha, you aren’t getting rid of me that easily!), but rather a simple post about my blogging life. I’m going to be completely honest here.

Some days I don’t feel like checking WordPress.

Some days I simply ignore notifications until a later date.

Sometimes I really don’t have any inspiration, so I won’t post that day… or for a few.

When you hit that blogging block, sometimes it’s okay to take a little break and not post. People understand, we’re all humans here. Or at least, that’s my philosophy.

I’ve seen a lot of posts recently about finding your own blogging voice, and it really hit home with me. I’m relatively open in my posts, my emotions are raw and unchecked (for the most part). If I loved a book, oh will you know. If a book didn’t quite click with me, oh will you know. However, I also think it’s important to finding your own blogging pace. Some people post every day, some even multiple times a day. Or you join me over here on the “blog at a sporadic rate and hope no one notices” club. It’s also important to blog about what you want to. You could blog about books, travel, school, life in general, or what you ate for dinner (I had mac n’ cheese if anyone is interested).

On that note, I’m considering doing a weekly, or maybe biweekly school post, as I’m starting my second year as a full time college student in high school next Monday. Just a little something so that I can occasionally vent, and you all can get to know me better.

Anyways, thank you for joining me on this heart-to-heart, and feel free to be the other heart in this conversation. Share any blogging moments in the comments, the funny or tough ones. What would you think about a more personal post here and there? I’m always open to chat.


10 thoughts on “Just A Little Blogging Heart-To-Heart | Tea Time Talk

  1. I understand how you’re feeling for this and it’s completely okay, being free to write whatever good things you want to write is better than getting blogger block and forcing yourself to write more and more… And everyone gets lazy too… But you’re an amazing blogger, you’ll get through anything! πŸ˜€ good luck with your school work and I’ll always keep in touch with one of my favorite blogger like you πŸ˜€


  2. I’ve not yet reached a stage where I don’t feel like blogging, so I’ve managed to keep up to date. Sometimes there’s days where I’d just rather be doing something else though. I usually write all my posts towards the start of the week, so I only have to check in on the days one has been uploaded. But you’re right, it should never be a chore. It’s a shame a lot of bloggers post because they feel like they HAVE to rather than because they WANT to. The second it becomes a “chore”, a break needs to be had, otherwise you’ll just start hating it!

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      1. I think it’s because I have quite a few hobbies, so if I feel like I’m getting fed up a bit with blogging, I have plenty to do until I want to go back. I only get fed up when something technical doesn’t work for me ahaha πŸ˜†

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  3. Thanks for being real! I appreciate your honesty, especially as a new blogger, it’s good to know that sometimes burnout will happen or there will be times when I just don’t give a F$%^ and that’s ok. πŸ™‚ Also, your blog is lovely and I love tea, too!

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