Month In Review | September 2016 AKA The Sad Month


Well, my first month of band and first week of classes are officially done, and so is September. It seemed to fly by, much like the rest of 2016 has. However, now we are full in the swing of (in my opinion) the best month of the year, October! Cozy sweaters, warm drinks, leaves changing colors, and Halloween. What more could you want?


This month started out really strong, but unfortunately died off pretty quickly. I read four books in the first two weeks, and then nothing in the last two. Look how sad the graphic looks with only four books!


  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling | 2016 reread ★★★★★
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling | 2016 reread ★★★★★
  • The Gray Wolf Throne by Cinda Williams Chima | Review ★★★★★
  • The Crimson Crown by Cinda Williams Chima | Review ★★★★★

However, the good news is that I absolutely loved every book I read last month. Also, you may have noticed I’ve slowly been rereading Harry Potter, and you can expect a series of mini-reviews for each book once I’ve finished all seven. Although, that probably won’t be until around November/December.


I found blogging a bit more difficult this month, especially this last week because of being thrown back into school. I had a lot less energy, but now I know my schedule much better and things should get back up and running this week!

I also am still having loads of fun with the Bookstagram community! Although the change in weather is definitely making pictures harder to take…

This month I posted about…


Basically school took a lot more energy out of than I expected, but now that the first week is done things should become easier. My reading seems to be doing better as well! While I still haven’t finished Empire of Storms (it’s turned into my bus book), I did just finish Crooked Kingdom, and let me tell you that I’m so not okay.

I hope everyone had a fantastic month, and that you all read some amazing books. What was your favorite book of the month? Any fun Halloween costume ideas yet?


7 thoughts on “Month In Review | September 2016 AKA The Sad Month

      1. I can see the appeal of Harry Potter and why so many people have fallen in love with the books but unfortunately for me I couldn’t get through the first book. I respect the books, but the first book didn’t capture me/ keep my interest like other books have done. 🙂
        I will check out the Seven Realms though. Since I have only heard good things about it and haven’t read any of them. 🙂

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  1. Ugh. School and my writing have been at odds since I went back, though I don’t recall ever being quite this stressed before living on campus.

    Despite the reading and life difficulties, looks like you’re reading the absolute best as far as YA fantasy fiction, so yay all the same! I’m about halfway through A Clash of Kings and I’m finding it rather oddly therapeutic.

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