Harry Potter Mini-Reviews | Book 1-7

harry potter

I might’ve just reread Harry Potter during summer 2015, but the urge to reread overcame me (Cursed Child probably is what started it), and I could no longer resist. So, starting in the very end of August I began the great Harry Potter reread of 2016. I have no regrets. Last time I read them, I made a post about rereading HP as an adult, and while that was fun and all… I want to actually write up some miniature reviews for each book!

These won’t be very long or serious reviews, just fun, kind of nonsensical, quick reviews that are fun to write and read!


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneThis is it! The climatic start to the phenomenon that has taken over the world! No, but really, I’m pretty sure everyone has at least heard of Harry Potter, even if you’ve never read the books or seen the movies. But onto the mini-review! I adore this books to pieces, it’s so cute and precious, and yet such a good start to the overall series. I’ve also forgotten how funny these books actually are. I flew through this book, reading it in almost one sitting, and there were so many little scenes or tidbits I laughed out loud at. Also, in the beginning of the book, Hagird so totally hints at horcruxes (even though he doesn’t know what they are). Check out this quote:

“Some say he died. Codswallop, in my opinion. Dunno if he has enough human left in him to die.

We all know horcruxes make you less of a human. J.K. Rowling did it again.

Favorite quote (because Harry being amazing):

“You’re [Neville] worth twelve of Malfoy,” Harry said. “The Sorting Hat chose you for Gryffindor, didn’t it? And where’s Malfoy? In stinking Slytherin.”


Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsUp until just now, I had such a vendetta against this book. I vividly remembering absolutely despising it. After rereading it now, I don’t really see why. Of course, I still don’t like spiders and snakes (especially spiders, oh my gosh), and I’m extremely sad that Hermione was petrified… but this was still so much fun. Also, after reading this when knowing the rest of the series, the foreshadowing in this book is insane. So many little hints, I couldn’t stop freaking out. The book of this installment is also so much more fleshed out than the movie, like the Knocturn Alley scene with Lucius Malfoy selling his dark artifacts, and how much everyone actually suspects Harry as the Heir of Slytherin. This is also the first book with Lockhart, and my god is he so annoying in the book!

Aww, this book also has Ginny’s singing valentine to Harry, which is so darn cute and so awkward. Little baby Ginny is the most awkward child and I love her.

Favorite quote:

“I wasn’t paying attention,” said Myrtle dramatically. “Peeves upset me so much I cam in here and tried to kill myself. Then, of course, I remember that I’m- that I’m-”

“Already dead,” Ron said helpfully.


prisoner-of-azkabanI had forgotten how much I adore this book, and how much it really breaks my heart. Obviously this has the introduction of Remus Lupin and the gang, including Harry’s dad. Harry himself goes through so much character development this book, and it truly shows off why readers fell in love with him. Harry is so damn loyal and kind, even towards people who don’t deserve it (*cough* Pettigrew *cough*). He has the strength to not let his past control him, and I love it so so very much. Hermione also has a shift in her character, and we see her trying to take on way too much work and finding her limit. Of course this leads to the infamous punch, which I am very much a fan of. All I could think during this book was how different it would be if Harry’s parents weren’t killed. Lupin wouldn’t be Professor Lupin, but Uncle Moony. There’s even one passage where Lupin reaches his hand towards Harry’s shoulder to comfort him, but then withdraws it at the last minutes. All of the tears came during that moment. Finding out about Sirius and learning his actual truth at the end was so touching and heartbreaking. I also had forgotten about the Fidelius charm and how Sirius convinced Lily and James to switch to Peter at the last minute. I can’t wait to continue on with the series, I love it so much.

On a different note, I’m lowkey in love with Oliver Wood because he’s so obsessed with quidditch that it’s ridiculous.

Favorite quote:

“Where is Wood?” said Harry, suddenly realizing he wasn’t there.
“Still in the showers,” said Fred. “We think he’s trying to drown himself.”


harry-potter-and-the-goblet-of-fireThis had always and most likely will be, my favorite in the series. Although, who knows where the last three will stand upon rereading them. Anyways, back to the fantastic installment that Goblet of Fire is. The is the first book in the series where Harry’s friendship with both Ron and Hermione are tested, and it’s done so beautifully. It really shows how much Ron and Hermione do care for Harry, and how much he cares for them. The challenges also are Harry’s hardest adventure so far, physically and mentally and we can see him grow up and have a lot of character development (which is my favorite). It’s also fun to get to know more about the wizarding community as a whole, from the other champions and the Quidditch World Cup.

The movie for this book also follows probably the closet, although they did cut some stuff I forgot about. For example, Hermione’s hilarious but also heart warming obsession with S.P.E.W., Dobby giving Harry the gillyweed compared to Neville, an extended scene in the pensive, and of course the mystery surrounding Bertha Jenkins. There’s so much to love in this book, and so little to hate.

Favorite quote:

“[Harry] spent the rest of the lesson trying to attract small objects toward him under the table with his wand. He managed to make a fly zoom straight into his hand, though he wasn’t entirely sure that was his prowess at Summoning Charms- perhaps the fly was just stupid.”


harry-potter-and-the-order-of-the-phoenixSo, truth be told, this has always been probably my least favorite in the series (it used to be Chamber of Secrets, but I enjoyed it so much more this time around). It saddens me to say this because it really does have some of my absolute favorite scenes in the entire seven book series. Perhaps if Harry wasn’t a prat the entire book, I might enjoy it more each time I read it. Yes, I know he’s dealing with Voldemort possessing his mind which definitely isn’t fun, but it’s so rare in this book for Harry to be even remotely happy. His emotions and angst simply drag on and drive me mad. Just get over yourself, Harry. But like I said, I still love the actual book. The DA meetings, everyone in the Order, seeing how much Molly loves Harry, book Ginny coming to light, Fred and George’s spectacular exit that’s way better than the movie, the loyalties forged in this book, Luna Lovegood, and of course, the villain everyone hates more than Voldemort… Umbridge. You know you love to hate her. You know.

Here’s the thing. Out of all the deaths in the series (highlight name to see, because of spoilers) Sirius’s death always upsets me the least. Don’t get me wrong, he’s one of the best characters in the series, but the suddenness of it never fully hits me. The part that really gets me is Harry’s reaction.

Favorite quote:

“You do care,” said Dumbledore. He had not flinched or made a single move to stop Harry demolishing his office. His expression was calm, almost detached. “You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it.”


harry-potter-and-the-half-blood-princeThe older I’ve gotten, the more and more I’ve grown the love the last few books in the series, especially this one. While Order of the Phoenix begins it, I believe this is the big turning point book in the series. It’s also the only book in the series that I believe is WAY better than the movie. Not only is book-Ginny hands down one of the best characters ever, but Voldemort’s past and the pensive scenes are much more flushed out and intoxicating to read. I’ve always loved reading about why the evil person in book is evil, and this book is pure gold for that. I’d totally forgotten that the reason why the locket was hidden in that cave was because baby Tom Riddle messed with some of the other orphanage kids there. Half-Blood Prince also shows us this new side of Draco that hasn’t been seen in the previous books. You can tell that he’s not cut out to be a Death Eater, because (as much as he probably hates to admit it), he cares. One thing that stuck out to me is that Draco spent time pouring his heart to Moaning Mertyle. Although this may be the darkest in the series thus far, it also had so many light-hearted and funny moments. Quidditch is so wonderfully prominent, the mess with the Slug Club, Hermione and Ron being idiots, Ginny (I love her), and Molly’s reactions with Fleur.

I also most definitely cried at the end. However, not at the actual death, but rather seeing how everyone (especially Harry) dealt with it. This book was seriously so good.

Favorite quote:

“Dumbledore’s man through and through, aren’t you Potter?”
“Yeah I am,” said Harry. “Glad we straightened that out.”


harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallowsI can’t believe I’ve finished reading the entire series once again. I love these books so much, and Deathly Hallows is obviously no exception to this. I really appreciate that this book doesn’t suffer from not being at Hogwarts the entire time, which shows what a fantastic writer J.K. Rowling is. The trio is on the run for most of the year, and yet the book isn’t filled with a bunch of random filler points (yay) and the time passage still feels realistic. Since this is the last book, it’s also the most heart breaking by far. I have no idea why, but out of all the deaths in this book… Hedwig always hits me the hardest. Of course, the others sadden me a lot, but I always cry when Hedwig dies. I can’t help it, it’s just so sad. After rereading this again, a lot of things I’d forgotten about make more sense. Such as how the Death Eaters found the trio in that diner (Voldemort’s name is taboo), Dumbledore and Grindelwald’s past, Godric Gryffindor’s sword, and especially how smart Harry is considering he had very few leads on the remaining horcruxes. I do have to point out that the movie adaptation for Deathly Hallows is fantastic, after rereading the book. Obviously there are a few very minor changes, but it follows very closely, and I could even imagine some of the songs from the soundtrack while reading. Basically this is the best conclusion to the best series of all time, and I definitely did not cry while reading it again. Nope not all (so sarcasm, cried like a baby because I love these books so much).

Favorite quote:

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

PS. Sorry this post is almost 2000 words. If you actually read all of this, I’m very impressed.



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