Month In Review | November 2016 AKA The Month Where It All Goes Downhill


Well, November has come to an end. I’m very late posting this. In fact I’m very late posting anything. Can you all tell I want 2016 to be over now? I’m going to warn you, this probably won’t be the happiest month in review, because November really was not my month. However, it’s December (it snowed today here Seattle! We never get snow!) and I’m working up to turn a new leaf for 2017.


Is this a book blog? Because I had an absolutely terrible reading month, and I apologize for not having many books on the “book” blog this month. So, without further nonsense, here are the two books I read this month!

  • Shuffle, Repeat by Jen Klein | Review ★★★★★
  • Child of the Light by D. M. Wiltshire | Review ★★★


Sorry for no cute graphic, but it would just look weird with two books. Anyways, I am currently reading Flamecaster by Cinda Williams Chima, and I’m hoping that my reading kick will return once I’m done with finals next week. So, not going to lie… November was a pretty rough month for reading, and I highly doubt that I’m going to finish my Goodreads reading challenge, but you can bet that I’m going to try my hardest to finish 14 books in December.


Hey, remember all of that optimism that was in last month’s wrap up after a pretty bad blogging month? Yeah, none of that happened, and in fact my blogging got worse. I rarely posted this month, and I’m so sorry about that. I really missed blogging a lot, but unfortunately it had to take the back burner this time around.

This month I posted about…

For everyone who has recently tagged me in things or to my new followers, hello and thank you! I swear I see them, and I definitely want to get around to doing the tags this month. I swear I’m not normally this bad at blogging!


Okay, now let’s get into what actually happened and why I’ve been not the best blogger in the world. Over the last few weeks I’ve been having some issues with both my physical and mental health. No worries, it’s nothing serious but it’s bothering me enough to make reading and blogging not as fun recently.

I have been over stressed with school, as I’m taking a course this quarter that I’ve really grown to despise (for those who are curious it’s Calc II, and if you’ve ever taken it… you feel me?) and have lost a lot of motivation for. I do have finals next week, so I’m attempting to pull through and pass the class with a good grade, but I’ve been finding it very difficult to do anything but school and procrastinate on schoolwork with TV.

However, here’s something good! Since I am done with class on the 15th, you bet that you can expect lots of posts and reading from this girl. I have every plan to spend my Christmas break wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket and reading.

So, let me know how your month went! Hopefully you had a better month than I did. Are you excited for the Holidays? What Holiday do you and your family celebrate? Any big New Year’s plans?


12 thoughts on “Month In Review | November 2016 AKA The Month Where It All Goes Downhill

  1. You know, you still had a productive month because despite not being able to read a lot, it sounds like you had a whooollle heap of other things on your plate. It sounds like it was stressful, and you came out the other end with a positive attitude…awesomeness!! Your Christmas break sounds like a dream to me. In Australia you don’t want to do anything because you feel like you are literally melting…so even reading becomes tiresome lol.
    I’m really excited though because I am going to America for Christmas…my first white Christmas!!

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    1. Oh yeah, for sure! I just wish reading was as productive. You’re Australian? That’s so cool! However, if you want a white Christmas, don’t come to the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Idaho, California), we haven’t had a white Christmas since 2008.

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  2. Oh Calculus…I remember those days. good luck!

    November turned out to be better than I expected in terms of reading. So good that I kinda got too ambitious for the month of December and picked up more review copies than I intended…hopefully I can pull my socks up once I’m on break later this month.

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  3. Ugh… Calc… I feel your pain. I would’ve had a bad month too. November was an OK month for me, personally. I didn’t read much from my TBR because I too was dealing with finals.

    I hope finals finish well for you, and I hope December is a much better month! 🙂

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  4. I’m doing Calc II next semester and your post is terrifying me right now! Good luck on your finals! I am super excited for the holidays because then I can just sit back and read without having to worry about classes. Just a few more days, we can do it!

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