Answering Your Awesome Questions | Q+A


Last week, I had reached a pretty exciting milestone in blogging, and to celebrate I wanted you all to have a chance to get to know me better! So, what better way then having a miniature Q+A, right? Today I’ll be answering all of the amazing questions that everyone asked.

However, before we get to that, I must admit that I was a bit scared about doing this Q+A because I had no idea what response it would get. Yet, the response that it received blew me away! I was honestly so happy, and this obviously couldn’t happen without your participation, so thank you!

Now on to the fun part… (also click on any bloggers name to take you to their cute blogs!)

Do you prefer a trilogy, saga, or standalone? And why? –A Book A Thought

This is tough! Definitely not standalones, but the choice between trilogies or sagas is hard. Although, I’d have to go with sagas, because long series that I can get completely lost in are the best.

Apart from reading and drinking tea, what do you love to do? –Mahriya @ My Bookish Life

I’m a musician! I get so busy doing music things, that’s pretty much all besides school, reading, and blogging (and yes, drinking tea *laughs*). I play oboe in my school band, around the city occasionally for events/programs, and in the full orchestra when needed. I also play piccolo in marching band. I’m currently in the pit orchestra for my school’s performance of Les Miserables, which is my thing now.

How did you decide on your blog name? -Mahriya @ My Bookish Life

I know that some people spend a long time thinking about their blog name, but since I made this whole shebang on a whim, there wasn’t much thought put into it. Obviously, I wanted the word book or some iteration in it (hence the bookish), and at the time I was really into tea, and the two seemed to fit quite well together. Although, now I drink more coffee then tea due to being a sleep deprived senior in high school/college…

Favorite blog? -Mahriya @ My Bookish Life

Oh my gosh, how do I pick?! I’ve met so many amazing bloggers over the year, and some of favorites definitely would be Ashleigh @ A Frolic Through Fiction, Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff, Joey @ Thoughts and Afterthoughts, Becca @ Becca & Books, and Azia @ The Uncharted World. These lovely people have some awesome blogs, and most of them I’ve been following for almost my entire time blogging (especially Michelle! Shoutout to you my fellow Puff). Although, I’m always on the lookout for new blogs, and always finding new favorites.

Best book ever? -Mahriya @ My Bookish Life

Clockwork Princess for sure. TID is my all time favorite series, with the best concluding book ever to grace my reading life. Also, #Wessa4lyfe

How do you make the graphics you use for your posts? –Ayustika @ That Bibliophilic Cauldron

I make all of my graphics using the free graphic designer, Canva. You can use custom dimensions for graphics, or the presets they provide. They have lots of free clip art type things you can use, and also other pictures that cost $1 USD (although I’ve never used these). You can also upload your own pictures to use. The fonts I use on my posts are Brusher and Julius Sans One. The flowers I use currently (new ones) are from Creative Market, and I got them for $10 USD.

If it’s wanted, I’m totally up to do a full tutorial on making graphics, although I’m no pro.

What is your favorite OTP (canonical or non-canonical) and why? –Azia @ The Uncharted World

Oh shoot, I kinda answered this one above. Anyways, my favorite OTP is Will and Tessa from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare (although Jesper and Wylan are pushing their way up). Wessa was the first ship that I hardcore shipped, and they make cry every time I read any of the books. Plus, I relate so much to Tessa and Will is… well Will.

What would you ask your favorite fictional character if you met him/her? –Anushka @ Living in Pages

If I could ever meet Tessa Gray, I would either ask her about being immortal, or for a book recommendation!

What piece of life advice would you give everyone? -Anushka @ Living in Pages

Don’t ever let someone tell you that what you love doing is stupid. Never let stop pursuing your goals because someone told you that you couldn’t do it. It may not always seem like it, but humans are amazing creatures, and everyone can do the thing they love. No matter how many times someone may tell you that your goals are unachievable, you ignore them and reach for the stars.

If you could be any character from a book for one moment of their story, what moments would you choose to experience? –Jessica @ Ever The Crafter

Okay, this is going to sound totally insane. If you take away all the terrible things about the race, and her past, I would totally be Yael from Wolf by Wolf during the motorcycle race. It’s my adrenaline junkie speaking, but I’ve always said that if I didn’t live in the city I would so get a motorcycle.

What is your favorite book genre and your least favorite book genre, and why? –Diana Prince Reviews

This might be a bit obvious, but my favorite is definitely fantasy! My least favorite, hm… It would probably have to be horror. I don’t like being scared because I mostly read before I go to bed.

Other than reading, what is your favorite hobby? –Shouni @ Through the Book Portal

Since I’ve already talked about music, I’ll pick an old hobby. I used to rock climb a lot, but I haven’t been back since I fractured my collar bone last spring during a leading (when you clip the rope into the wall as you go) accident. Perhaps I’ll go back eventually!

What inspired you to start blogging? –Mariana @ Book is Glee

It was mostly BookTube, but that wasn’t really my thing, so I did research and discovered the bookish blogging world! It was also partially boredom during the summer, to be totally honest.

Of the books you read, who is your least favorite character (say someone stabworthy)? –Angel @ BookHearts Forever

Easily Eadlyn Schreave. This little brat has to be the most annoying character I’ve ever read!

What is the song you associate with your favorite read of 2016? -Angel @ BookHearts Forever

My favorite read of 2016 was Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin, and the song I associate with it the most would have to be Radioactive by Imagine Dragons!

If you could live inside one book/book world, which would it be and why? –Megan @ Bookslayer Reads

I just have to choose the Harry Potter world. Especially with the recent release of Fantastic Beasts, the world has always felt so magical and inviting. Who wouldn’t want to go to Hogwarts (or any of the other magical schools)? I definitely don’t want to be Harry though, his life honestly sucked pretty bad.

These were some super fun questions to answer, and I’m glad that this happened! I hope you had a few laughs and got to know the mysterious blogger (aka me) a little bit better. Much love for this community! ❀


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      1. I think you might be right! Lady Midnight is already my favorite Clare book, right next to Clockwork Princess πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to see how Dark Artifices turns out. I can tell it’s going to be good!

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