What’s That? I’m on Twitter?


Hey all! I just wanted to write this super quick post to announce something. In my 2017 goals, I mentioned that it might be fun to try out Twitter! So many other bloggers use it and really seem to enjoy it. I’ve never used it, because I used to not like Twitter itself, but let’s give it a go.

So, I’m a complete and utter noob at it, but you can follow me @bookishteacups! Unfortunately, Bookishthingsandtea was too long of a username, so I went with the same username that I use for my Instagram. Anyways, I don’t even have a first tweet yet, but come say hi!

Either let me know your Twitter handle in the comments, or pop on over to my new Twitter so that I can find my bookish people to follow. I think I’ll do some blog hoping right now to hunt some Twitter people down…

Much love, and talk (or Tweet!) to you all very soon!


22 thoughts on “What’s That? I’m on Twitter?

  1. Welcome to Twitter! I’ve had my account for about 3 years now and I’m still getting the hang of it haha. I think I’ve already followed you! Can’t wait to see what you post πŸ˜€

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