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The early months of the year always seem to be a prime time for me to slip into the dreaded reading slump. Perhaps it’s the crappy weather or the short days. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m insanely busy. So, today I wanted to share my tips and tricks for breaking the reading slump! Hopefully you find these useful!divider


Take a moment to step back from all your goals and challenges, and read something that you know you’re going to love. I don’t care if it’s Harry Potter for the 20th time, or an old favorite from your childhood. As long as it gets you reading and you enjoy it, go for it!

You have 12 months in the year, I promise that your goals are going to be there once the slump breaks.


If every single novel that you pick up suddenly seems like it has 800 pages, put it down and look a pretty pictures instead. Graphic novels and manga can deliver the exact same impact as a normal novel, and have some truly fantastic characters and story lines. I even have a super old post about why you should read manga. Once I expand my graphic novel collection, I’d like to do a similar post so you all will have lots of recommendations!


Instead of opening up Goodreads and seeing that you’re five books behind schedule on your reading challenge and panicking, set goals for the book you’re currently reading. Tell yourself that you’ll read one chapter before going to bed. I know that when you’re in a slump, reading even one chapter is a lot of work, but you may just find yourself sucked back into the book.

You can keep setting yourself simple and achievable goals until the slump mysteriously dissipates. This is my favorite method, as I’ve used it loads of times to get back into reading.


You know that thing that lives in your bag or pocket? Oh yeah, your phone! There are so many resources available to read on your phone. So, instead of checking Instagram or Snapchat for the millionth time during the day, install the Kindle/Nook/Whatever app and open up a book.

I find this is really handy to get me reading in those short moments when I don’t have time to pull out a book and read several chapters. I especially love reading e-books on my bus commute!


When I know I’m in a reading slump and I don’t feel like reading, I watch BookTube videos! This way I’m not forcing myself to read if I don’t want to, but watching other people flail over books always inspires me to read again.divider

So those are all my tips and tricks for breaking a reading slump! I hope that you found any of them useful, and do let me know if you try one out. Are there any tricks that you use which I didn’t mention? What’s your favorite method of breaking a slump?


27 thoughts on “How To Break That Darn Reading Slump | Tea Time Talk

  1. Booktube ALWAYS gets me out of a reading and/or blogging slump. I see what everyone else is reading or doing and I’m like WOW I need to get in the swing of things !!!

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  2. I always to the mini goal setting thing when I’m struggling through a book I want to finish. Usually a certain # of pages.

    I find picking up sequels for series that I’ve enjoyed in the past helps too. It’s easy to get sucked into a world you are already familiar with.

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  3. I don’t know what booktube is! Care to enlighten me? For me, a book slump means starting eight books at once and hopping between them all until they become a pile of procrastination on the bedside table hahaha. These are some really good tips. I have only read one book so far in 2017 and my goal is 100! I think I will certainly try your mini goal method – one chapter before bed is perfect I think πŸ™‚

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    1. BookTube is a section of people of YouTube who make videos just about books! It’s a bit like blogs, but in video format. I feel ya about starting a bunch of books and not finishing them, and I’m glad to hear you’re trying out one of the tips! Good luck 😁

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  4. Great post! I agree with all of these tips. I actually just read my first graphic novel and I loved it so much! I never thought I would love it as much as I did!

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      1. I read Monstress: Vol. 1 by Marjorie M. Liu and the artwork was breathtaking! Absolutely gorgeous! And the plot… fantastic! A 5 star read for me.

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  5. This is such a helpful list! I think I might like to try a few of these! I’ve broken out of my reading slump, even though I’m reading a little slowly, but I try to set little goals for myself and read at least a chapter a day πŸ˜€ Also, I like that you said read what you want. That definitely helped me to break out of both my reading AND reviewing slump! I’ll have to try BookTube. I haven’t watched many bookish videos at all. Do you have any suggestions for who I might watch? Thanks for the list! πŸ˜€

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    1. Yay, glad I could be of help! That’s so good that you broke out of your slump, that’s the best feeling ever. I definitely recommend checking out Christine at Polandbananasbooks and then branching out from there. Her videos are hilarious and so relatable, her energy is almost palpable, and watching her videos always puts me in a good mood.

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      1. It really is! Now I just gotta get back into blog hopping. Haven’t done it in a while. Been way too long since I’ve read someone else’s posts 😦 And I’ll definitely check her out! I’d love to see what kind of books she reads πŸ˜€ Thanks for the rec! ❀

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      2. Oh that’s good! πŸ˜€ This week I’ve actually managed to do some blogging and blog-hopping so we’re both in the mood. I really just wanna sit and read books and blog posts!

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