2017 Blogging + Reading Check In | Months 1-3

2017 Check In

Hello all! Today I wanted to try something a little new on the ol’ blog. So, we’ve already hit March 2017, and it seems appropriate to check in on those new year goals I made a few months ago. The reason for this is because I didn’t actually complete many of my 2016 goals, so I wanted to write out a physical reminder for myself (and you all can keep me to what I say)!

You can probably expect a few more of these throughout the year, approximately every three months. It’s a time and place for me to reflect on what I’ve done in terms of reading and blogging this year, and a chance to just chat with all of you lovely people.


Shall we start with the Goodreads reading challenge? I think so.

Click me to go to my Goodreads profile!

This year I set my goal at only 50 books since I haven’t completed my goals the last few years. Now, I’m not saying that 50 books is something to scoff at, because I think it’s still quite a respectable amount. Although, I wouldn’t complain if I read a few more…

Currently, I’m at 11 books completed, and I’m two books ahead of schedule. I’m NEVER ahead on my Goodreads challenge, and I must admit that I like the feeling. How are your Goodreads challenges going? What did you set them at? I’d love to know, and feel free to add me on Goodreads so we can cheer each other along.

I made a Top 5 Wednesday post where I list out my top reading goals for the year (click me!), so let’s review those goals and see how I’m doing.

  • Read More- Considering how my Goodreads challenge is going, I’d say I’m doing pretty well on this one. Especially because these first three months of the year are always my busiest.
  • Read 50 Books- So far, I’m on track to complete this one! *high fives self*
  • Push My Reading Comfort Zone- Here’s a goal that I have sort of started, but not really actively tried to complete. I have recently obtained lots of books that are outside my YA fantasy bubble (formats that are new to me, challenging topics, ect) including Illuminae and Gemina, The You I’ve Never Known which is written in prose, and several graphic novels. I just have to get around to actually reading them.
  • Read Diversely- This has been such an important goal for me, and I have been working SUPER hard to achieve this. I’ve been actively seeking out diverse books that have proper POC, LGBTQIA, and disability representation. I have also been working on educating myself on potentially problematic books/situations in relation to diversity and why they are problematic. As always, feel free to recommend your favorite diverse read in the comments!
  • Take Notes While Reading- Yikes, I kinda forgot about this one. I should probably start doing that now…



Before the year started, I also posted about my blogging goals for 2017 (click me), so obviously we have to check in on those as well, right?

  • Redesign Review Format- This one has already been completed! At this point you probably don’t remember, but right at the very start of the year I reformatted how my book reviews look. They look so much more professional now, and I love them. Will they stay for the entire year? Who knows.
  • Schedule Out Primary Monthly Posts- Whoops. Yeah, I have not been scheduling out posts for the entire month, BUT I have been trying to schedule out weekly posts. Perhaps I’ll try this out in April and see how I like it.
  • Be More Active On Your Blogs- If I had to give myself a rating for each goal, this one would probably get a B minus. I really do try to keep up with other blogs, but I’ve fallen so behind lately with school. I’m going to try to do a big blog hop session really soon!
  • Produce Higher Quality Posts- I think I’ve done pretty well on this one? Having entertaining and good quality posts has always been a goal of mine, but I’m really trying to up my game this year. What do you all think? Have you been enjoying the blog as of late?
  • Redesign Blog Graphics- Look! Watercolor flowers everywhere! Goal complete.
  • Try Out Twitter- Another goal that has already been completed! I’m on Twitter at Bookishteacups where you can get more of my sass.


2017 BOOKS

As I mentioned above, I’ve read 11 books so far this year. Most of them have been quite good, but there’s been an odd one every once and a while.

As of right now, my favorite book of the year has to be a tie between A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab (which I just finished about three hours ago) and Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin. Both of these books happen to be conclusions for AMAZING series, and I can’t pick which one I loved more. They both were phenomenal, and I highly recommend picking up both of the series if you haven’t already.

My biggest disappointment of the year is definitely Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. Not only is the book extremely problematic in terms of poor representation for SCID, but the ending still makes me SO mad. I won’t rant about it for too long here, but I have a review if you’d like to hear more of my thoughts.

What have your favorite and/or least favorite books of the year been so far? How is your reading going? What books are you excited to read? Let me know!



I know I haven’t been the best blogger in the last few weeks, and I’m so sorry for that! Most of you probably don’t know, but I’m in the pit orchestra for my school’s musical (which is Le Mis this year), and we’re now a week out from opening weekend. That translates into rehearsals until 6 PM every day at the earliest, and if you throw my college finals in on top of that I haven’t had much spare time for reading or blogging.

Although, things should be calming down soon, and I can re-enter my internet world. Ah, how I’ve missed rambling to you all.


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