3 Year Blog Anniversary | Bookish Things and Tea

Blogging Anniversary

August 2nd has turned out to become a very special day to me, and that’s because it just so happens to be the day I started my blog. Three whole years ago! I’m shocked that it’s already been so long since I’ve started talking about books on the internet, and I will forever be grateful that I did.

Who knows how long I’ll continuously blog for, but I’m hoping that it’s a nice long time. Everything about this simply makes me so happy. The community is wonderful, I’ve developed so many skills through blogging, and (of course) all the amazing books I’ve been introduced to is awesome! I remember this time when I was assigned a project in English class junior year to write a blog post on the book we were reading for class at the time. Talk about the best assignment ever, right?

Of course, the only reason that I’m still here blogging today is everyone who reads my blog, and supports everything I try on this website. It may be a lot of work at times, but that has helped me grow as a person, and kept me motivated during the school year to get work done.

Over three years, this blog has grown so much. Some of my first ever reviews were completely filled with spoilers (we’re talking the BIG twists at the end of the book kind of spoilers) with no marking whatsoever, and were completely incoherent. I’ve gone through so many different design changes and blog overhauls, but those have all lead to the wonderful place that I am today. Honestly, I’m just glad I learned to use the “read more” button! (Honestly, I’m sorry if you read some old 2014 posts and got spoiled. You have permission to spoil one book for me if you’re still salty about it).

You all have been here since my sophomore year of high school (year 10) through entering my freshman year of University! Can you believe that? I don’t know if I can. So, I have to take this time to thank you all so very much. The book blogging community is the BEST community, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.

To give back to this community which has given so much to me, I will soon be hosting my very first giveaway! All of the information and the entry will be in a separate post so that people can find it easily. Keep your eyes peeled if you’d like to enter!


26 thoughts on “3 Year Blog Anniversary | Bookish Things and Tea

  1. TBH, I’ve never understood why people get so furious over spoilers. When someone spoils something for me, I’m just like,”well dang, that kinda sucks but oh well.” But there are people who get so mad, it’s kinda funny. It’s not like people usually mean to spoil things.

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    1. I’m kind of the same way! The only one that I’ve seen floating around the internet was some people who spoiled hundreds of Harry Potter fans about Dumbledore’s death when HBP came out. Other than that, I’m not terribly picky about them xD


      1. I have a friend who goes and looks up every spoiler she can find about whatever show she’s watching. She likes to know what happens before she watches it. XD

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  2. I don’t think I’ve been here from the beginning but I’ve definitely been here for a while! Your blog is an amazing place and you’ve done some amazing things with it. 3 years is amazing, you’re so dedicated! Wish you the best of luck!

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  3. Happy three year anniversary! I only came across your blog last year, but I’m so glad I did! You have a beautiful blog design and I love seeing your posts on my reader whenever they pop up. I hope you continue to blog for a very long time, as well. Also, many congratulations on reaching so many followers!! SO very well-deserved 😀

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