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tea time talk

So. Hello there. It’s been a long time since you’ve seen my name up on this blog, hasn’t it? Yeah, it’s been about a year in a half since I’ve whipped up a post, and honestly I don’t have much of an excuse other than being a college student.

Speaking of college, last time you heard from me I was at orientation for my first year at undergraduate. I hadn’t even started classes at all! Now, over a year later I’ve turned into a crazy, caffeine fueled, slightly functioning adult of society. You know how people will tell you that college will be the best and worst time of your life? They’re right!

Unfortunately, I simply don’t have time to read nearly as much as I want during the academic year. I think I read about six or seven books all of 2018 (*cries in distance*). However, the last few weeks I’ve been on Christmas break after finishing fall quarter, and I can actually make time to read books, hooray! (I just finished Queen of Air and Darkness, and Y’ALL.) Throughout reading said books, it’s really made me miss blogging, because who else can I rant to about how dumb Julian Blackthorn is? More on that later.

So. I had an idea.

I know, ideas are crazy.

I want to re-vamp this blog, and not just design wise. I mean content wise, design, voice, how I present myself as the blogger, the whole gosh darn shebang. In the lovely years of 2014-2017, I was a sweet, innocent not-adult who didn’t know how hard it actually is to adult (and yes, I’m using “adult” as verb meaning to act like someone who knows what the heck they’re doing). Now, I’m like what I like to call an adult-in-training. I pay bills and get junk mail in my apartment mailbox that I pay for! Wow, so adult. This is where the re-vamp comes in, but I need opinions from you all!

Here we go… I’d like to make this a college lifestyle/book blog. Of course I’ll still be writing book reviews and fangirling with everyone, but I don’t read enough to just blog about books! I think it would be a fun idea to write about my experiences as a college student. We’re talking things like my freshman year experience, tips for incoming students, what it’s like to be a chemistry major, being a female student in STEM, how to learn from the stupid mistakes I’ve made, and much more.

Would you all as my lovely readers be interested in seeing something like that? What other college/life/study kind of posts would you be likely to read? Please let me know in the comments and I’ll get brainstorming! 



6 thoughts on “Long Time No Chat, Potential Re-vamp? | Tea Time Talk

  1. Welcome back!!! I’d love to read these posts — especially those about being a woman doing STEM. Two years ago I was going to apply to engineering school but had a change of heart and decided to apply as a literature major (best decision I’ve made, but not according to my parents lol). I still very much feel like my heart is in sciences, so I always follow girls who are doing engineering at uni. I’d love to read your posts. Have a great 2019 🤗

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