Month In Review | July 2017 AKA The Month I Officially Became A College Student


Hello everyone! Today is officially the first day of August, and it’s also the first official day that I can call myself a University student. Over the last two days, I’ve been on my college campus for freshmen orientation, and I registered for my first quarter of classes! I’m so happy, but let’s get into all the bookish stuff, shall we? Continue reading

Month In Review | May & June 2017 AKA The Month Where Life Exploded


Hello all you lovely bookworms! It’s now officially July and hopefully you’re surviving the hot weather (or cold, depending on your hemisphere)! It doesn’t even get that hot where I live, but I do not enjoy warm weather. So, I’m personally excited for fall already. Since I never got around to posting my wrap up for May, and I’ve done so little reading over the last two months, I figured I would just combine them into one. Continue reading

Month In Review | February 2017 AKA The Fabulous Month


Hello all! We’ve come to the end of another month, which means it’s time to wrap up all of the wonderful books of this month. February was a pretty awesome month for me, or at least the last two weeks of it was. However, I am so excited for March because by the time March ends, I’ll finally be a little less busy (FINALLY). On a side note, does anyone else think February looks like such a fake word? Maybe it’s just because everyone on the West Coast of the US here pronounces it like “feb-u-airy” but who knows. Continue reading

Month In Review | January 2017 AKA The Month of New Stuff


Hello all! Can you believe that we’re already in the second month of the year? January went by so quickly! Overall it was a pretty good month for me, except for this last week or so, but we’ll get to that…


I read a solid four books this month, and considering how busy I get during January, I’m actually quite pleased with that amount. Plus, I’m still on track for my Goodreads challenge, so the new year is off to a good start.


  • Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon | Review ★★☆☆☆
  • Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin | Review ★★★★★
  • Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake | Review ★★★★☆
  • A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab | Review coming super soon ★★★★☆

I’m now currently reading A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab and The Impossible Fortress by Jason Rekulak, which you’ll be seeing an ARC review for very soon!


January was a pretty fantastic blogging month for me, up until this last week. I really do apologize for totally disappearing off the blogging planet recently! I got hit with this absolutely terrible cold, and had no energy to do basically anything but sleep. It was awful, but I do believe I’m on the turn around.

Anyways, this month I posted about…

Hopefully things will get back on track this week, since I finally seem to be shaking this cold!


Apart from getting sick, I’ve been okay this past month. January and February are always two of my busiest months of the year because of musical pit orchestra. I currently have rehearsals twice a week now, but in the last two weeks of February, we switch to every day rehearsals which are always exhausting. BUT, I love doing musicals so it’s not that bad.

I hope you all had a wonderful month, and are excited for a brand new one. Let me know how your month went! What was your favorite book you read this month?

Series I Want To Finish In 2017 | TBR of Shame


Welcome to TBR of Shame, where I share all the books on my TBR that really should’ve been read by now. On this lovely edition of shamefulness, I want to share all the unfinished series that I hope to read and complete this year.


These are the series that I own the entire thing, or as many that have been currently released. I’ve also read at least one book in the series, and have yet to finish it. Continue reading

A Reading Year In Review | 2016


The year has come to an end (thank goodness), which means it’s time to reflect on my reading in 2016! Here on this little blog, we’ve already discussed my blogging goals for 2017, and reading goals will be coming very soon (perhaps in a T5W… hmmm…), and now is the time for reflection.

To start out, let’s rip off the band-aid. I did not accomplish my Goodreads challenge last year. I had initially set it for 70 books in January, when I was happy and full of hope. Somewhere around March, I actually lowered that goal to 60 books because I knew I wasn’t actually going to get to 70. In the end, I read a grand total of 50 books, 10 shy of my ending goal. Continue reading