Long Time No Chat, Potential Re-vamp? | Tea Time Talk

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So. Hello there. It’s been a long time since you’ve seen my name up on this blog, hasn’t it? Yeah, it’s been about a year in a half since I’ve whipped up a post, and honestly I don’t have much of an excuse other than being a college student.

Speaking of college, last time you heard from me I was at orientation for my first year at undergraduate. I hadn’t even started classes at all! Now, over a year later I’ve turned into a crazy, caffeine fueled, slightly functioning adult of society. You know how people will tell you that college will be the best and worst time of your life? They’re right! Continue reading

An Informal Talk About Blogging Slumps | Tea Time Talk

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Hi all, it’s me! Surprise surprise, I can actually post every once and a while. Although, today I just wanted to have an informal discussion with you all about what has been keeping me from the blogosphere- the dreaded blogging slump.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m no longer enjoying blogging or I want to stop. I always enjoy writing up posts about books, fangirling, and interacting with other geeky bookworms. I also have no intention of stopping anytime soon! After all, I’m only a little over two months out from my 3rd blog anniversary (woah- CRAZY).

At the moment, I simply have not had any motivation to do anything but sleep or play video games- super cool, right? Not so much. I miss reading like crazy and blogging over here on my corner of the internet so badly. I wish that I had the motivation to pick up my laptop and whip up a masterpiece to share. Alas, that is just not happening right now. Although, I have still been reading and have a few more book reviews that need to be typed up. In fact, by some miracle I’m still on track for my Goodreads reading challenge.

For the first time in a few weeks, blogging hasn’t seemed like such a daunting task. I finally got around to responding to some comments (I’m so sorry if I just responded to a comment that you posted forever ago), writing any type of post, and just opening WordPress in general. This feels so good, you all have no idea. I’m going to try real hard this week and upcoming weekend to get semi caught up on reading and commenting on posts, and I’m PUMPED.

So, that’s kind of what’s been up with me recently. Blogging had become a bit of a chore, and I absolutely NEVER want this to be a chore for me. Personally, I think I needed some time to step back, and I’m glad I did. This has made me more excited than I have been in a while to blog, and I’m hoping that lasts for at least a few months.



Have you ever experienced the awful blogging slump? What did you do to get out of it? Any awesome advice that you’d give to others (or me!) in a similar position? Let me know, I love chatting with you all!

Why I Will Always Defend YA Books | Tea Time Talk

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Hello all! Hopefully you’ve got your tea (or drink of your choice) and ready for another discussion post. Just by looking at my blog for a few minutes, it’s obvious that I love and read mostly YA books. Throughout my time of talking about books on the internet, I’ve discovered that some people seem to have a stigma against the YA subsection. It’s terrible to have a stigma against any book without a valid reason, but today I want to discuss why I will always defend young adult books. Continue reading

Happy Holidays! Plus, Some Book Talk| Tea Time Talk


The Holiday season is upon us, and I’d like to take this time to wish everyone Happy Holidays! No matter what you celebrate, this is a wonderful time of the year. You know what goes perfectly with the Holiday season? That’s right, it’s books.

Snuggling up in a warm blanket, with a warm drink, a good book, the fireplace burning, and with a fresh layer of snow on the ground. Sounds like a Christmas miracle, doesn’t it? By human nature, we’re always busy. Running from place to place, constantly thinking about what you have to do next, and when you have to do it.

The last few weeks of the year seem to be the time when the entire world slows down. Maybe it’s the cold weather (or hot weather for all my southern hemisphere friends), but this is the time of the year when people take a break, and do something that often doesn’t fit in our busy schedules, like reading!

Obviously for book aficionados like us, reading is a part of our day to day lives, but for many people it isn’t. Even I’ve been trying to read more this break because I haven’t had a lot of time to read recently. However, once that Holiday break arrives, I swear that everyone eventually cracks open the spine of that book they’ve been meaning to read forever.

To me, books and the Holiday season go together like bread and butter. I’ve never known a Christmas break where I don’t spend half of it locked up in my room, reading a good book. Plus, how often do you hear someone say that one of their New Years Resolutions is to read more?

So, tonight it’s Christmas Eve (although perhaps it’s already Christmas when you’re reading this), and I just wanted to write this simple little post to wish everyone Happy Holidays, and to reminisce on the beauty of this time of year and the love of reading.


Throne of Glass TV Show? | Tea Time Talk


Before we jump into the discussion about Sarah J. Maas’s latest news, I just want to say sorry for not being super active the last few days! I started school (sort of) again last Wednesday and I was away at band camp this last weekend with no wifi or time for reading.

Anyways, right before I left there was an announcement that Hulu will pick up Maas’s Throne of Glass as a TV adaptation under the name “Queen of Shadows”, which is the title of the fourth book in the series, if you are unaware. The Mark Gordon Company has picked up the show and Kira Snyder will write the pilot. Snyder is the writer for The 100 (which I adore). Here is the mini show description I’ve found floating around the internet. Continue reading