Throne of Glass TV Show? | Tea Time Talk


Before we jump into the discussion about Sarah J. Maas’s latest news, I just want to say sorry for not being super active the last few days! I started school (sort of) again last Wednesday and I was away at band camp this last weekend with no wifi or time for reading.

Anyways, right before I left there was an announcement that Hulu will pick up Maas’s Throne of Glass as a TV adaptation under the name “Queen of Shadows”, which is the title of the fourth book in the series, if you are unaware. The Mark Gordon Company has picked up the show and Kira Snyder will write the pilot. Snyder is the writer for The 100 (which I adore). Here is the mini show description I’ve found floating around the internet. Continue reading

To Continue Shadowhunters or Not | Tea Time Talk

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Unless you’re the type of book lover who lives under the rock, I’m sure you’ve heard about and/or seen the TV adaption of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter books. The show has certainly sparked much controversy between everyone, and while it has it’s many flaws, there are good aspects about it.

I initially planned on reviewing each episode as they come out, but since Michelle over at Writing Hufflepuff has been doing that (they’re hilarious, check them out!), I decided not to. However, I have been watching the show on Hulu as the episodes come out and I’ve been debating whether or not to continue the show.


  • The terrible CGI. This ranges from the demons, all of the special effects, the weird slow down and speed up things when there’s fighting or even just walking. PEOPLE CAN WALK AT A NORMAL SPEED.
  • The awkward changes to the Shadowhunter skill set. Dear writers, are you sure you read the books? Are you sure? Shadowhunters aren’t some super human species, they do have restrictions. *cough* I’m looking at you “tracking” *cough*
  • Award line deliveries. A lot of this comes from Dom Sherwood (Jace) which makes me very disappointed.
  • The lack of explanations. It doesn’t matter if you’ve read all the books, because I honestly have no idea what’s going on in the show. There’s so many random little things that happened that are never explained.
  • Seraph Blades. This one gets it’s own whole point because I will never accept how stupid they look. Never.


  • Valentine’s need for mundane blood. What is this?? THIS IS NEVER EXPLAINED AND HE DOESN’T NEED MUNDANE BLOOD.
  • The portals. I die of laughter every time a portal comes up because they seem so random and out of place.
  • The Institution. I have absolutely no words for how disappointed I am by the Institution. Absolutely none.
  • The weird circle tattoo thing. What is this? Why did young Luke and Jocelyn have one but they don’t have it anymore? Same with Mayrse and Robert. So why does Hodge still have his?
  • Jace and Clary instalove. Ugh, stop it now.
  • Simon’s weird vampire transition with the anger issues.


  • Izzy and Alec have the best sibling relationship ever.
  • In fact, Alec gives this show life, he’s the best character right now. As Michelle puts it, Alec Baewood.
  • At least Valentine doesn’t have a rat tail this time. Although, I quite like Alan Van Sprag as Valentine!
  • Alberto Rosende is such a great Simon, he has some of the best lines too.
  • Magnus is a beautiful, glitter covered character. Thank god he has pants on this time around.

In summary of those points, there’s many, many things that need much improvement on the show, but it does have some good parts going for it. I feel like I want to give it a whole season before coming to a conclusion, but at the current moment I’m really not the biggest fan of it.

However, each episode is getting slightly better so we can hope it stays on that trajectory. One thing that concerns me if it gets renewed is where the show is going. They are currently speeding through the books (but in a weird fashion. In some plot lines they’re half way through the 2nd book, in some a quarter through the 1st) and it seems like it’s going to stray way too far from the books.

So, half way through season 1, there are many concerns for the future and I’m not really feeling it. I might not watch season 2, and I hope that the show never even touches TID. It’s perfect and doesn’t need to be on big screens.shrug2

Shadowhunters 1.01/1.02 + Initial Thoughts | TV Talk

Shadowhunters-promo-finalAs many of you know, the TV adaptation of The Mortal Instruments aired this week along with the second episode of the series. I went into this having weird expectations of being excited and also being extremely nervous at the same time.

To start out, the things I disliked the most was simply was different and confusing it was. I know the actors have said that it’s faithful to the book but with a twists, but I honestly don’t see much faithfulness at all. There was so many moments in the first two episodes where all I could think was “WHAT?” (such as the runes, Maureen, Jocelyn giving Clary a stele, the CGI, the seraph blades, the institution, weird pedaling of mundane blood, and since when do shadowhunters have weird hyper speed (not Jace)).

My biggest concern going in too was Kat McNamara as Clary and while I’m she’s a wonderful person, I don’t like her acting and portrayal of Clary. She’s suddenly way more bold and rash in the TV show and even how she looks is odd in my opinion, Clary doesn’t wear heels. I think Kat and Dom (Clary and Jace) have a cute chemistry, but their relationship is moving way too fast for me. By the second episode they were holding hands and it was super weird.

However, I love Alberto as Simon so so very much. I found myself giggling at a lot of his lines, and I’m just so pleased with his character. I love all of his interactions with Alec, Jace, and honestly the entire cast. Half of my notes that I was taking while watching the show were about how much I adore Alberto.simonOverall, I think this series has potential. If I could give one word to it, it would definitely be potential. There’s a lot of the writers have changed, the dialogue is cheesy, some parts are overacted, and there’s many confusing aspects of the story. However, there are some great actors (Alberto Rosende, Maxim Roy, Matthew Daddario, Isaiah Mustafa, and Alan Van Sprang), there’s some good chemistry starting between characters, and there’s still plenty of time for the show to grow!